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After A Dire Exit, The Crew Of Starbase 118 Take Time Off To Relax And Reconnect

STARBASE 118 OPS — After a devastating escape from the grasp of the Cult of Molor, the crew returns to Starbase 118 Ops for some much-needed time off, and a chance to meet and greet so many new officers.

The crew of the USS Narendra (NCC-26595), Ops main support ship, made a narrow escape from the Cult of Molor’s base. The enemy base went up in flames, and with it also a sense of false assurance and security. The outcome and consequences of this interaction are yet to be felt.

Back within the familiar walls of the massive Starbase, everyone seemed eager to sink into a long shore leave, well deserved after such a gruelling mission that left many in need of company and counsel. It was time for relaxation and reconnecting. The station welcomed many new officers, including newest officers, Ensigns Talas Beck and Rion Sladek. Lieutenant Commander DeVeau made a strong first impression upon her arrival to the station as she handed out plants as greetings to as many officers as she could.

Fleet Captain Taybrim spent a good deal of his time talking with the crew, consoling them and offering guidance, and a night out with Lieutenant Commanders German Galven, Arturo Maxwell and Ensign Taelon. Taybrim arranged a visit to Edaasi and the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B), to congratulate Commodore Jalana Rajel on her recent promotion and the end of her trial. Many senior officers tagged along to pass along their well wishes.

Meanwhile, the base remained busy. Lieutenant JG Sheila Bailey reached out to request the use of a service dog to help her with everyday things and a constant companion during her struggles. Ensign Matthel Drevas sought Lieutenant JG Romyana Casparian for someone to talk to and to share his feelings with in the wake of news regarding his father.

The engineers of the base came together over pizza and beer to talk about projects and general ‘geeking’ out over all the latest and greatest of technologies. There was also a wild west gathering in the holodeck with Galven and DeVeau, Bailey and Ensigns Glover and Meeks, complete with hats and a good fashion shoot out.

The crew gathered together for a party and celebration, including food for days, drinks and much praise for the outstanding crew as they continued to hold back the dangers and villains that lurk none too far away from their borders.

Everyone received an award and several saw promotions in rank and position. Casparian became assistant chief Engineer and a Lieutenant JG. The hybrid welcomed the extra responsibilities with a beaming smile. Also to see a new shiny pip was Ensign Kudon, who made a Lieutenant JG and wished all the best as he made a proud jump to the USS Resolution (NCC-78145) as an engineer for the newly commissioned ship. Last, but not least, Bailey made a full Lieutenant.

“The bonds made over both mission and leave grow stronger, Ops is not just a posting but a family,” said Lieutenant Commander Hael.

A strong and upbeat finish to their shore leave as a new mission lay on the horizon.


Written by Rustyy Hael

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