USS Columbia Reports Death In The Line Of Duty, Sagittarius Reach

USS Columbia Reports Death In The Line Of Duty, Sagittarius Reach

SAGITTARIUS REACH — With the return of their officers from the officer exchange with the Losarian Royal Navy, the USS Columbia (NCC-85279) has resumed its mission of exploration in the Sagittarius Reach. Their current assignment has taken them to a desolate region, to lay a series of navigational beacons to aid travellers.
Shortly after laying the last beacon, the Columbia noticed the first beacon had stopped transmitting and promptly set course to investigate.
Upon their arrival in system, it was discovered the beacon had been destroyed. Further investigation of the wreckage revealed debris belonging to an unknown vessel. Examining the last records of the nav beacon revealed a battle had taken place along with the presence of a spatial anomaly.
As the investigation of the debris was underway, a distress signal was received from a stricken alien vessel in the system. As per Starfleet protocol, an away team was dispatched to assist the distressed vessel, which reports indicate had suffered severe damage, believed to be caused by the battle.
Continuing their investigation, two of the Columbia’s science officers, Lt. Pholin Duyzer and Ens. Rebecca Owens, began to notice inconsistencies in the debris field and summarised it was planted and not the result of a space battle.
Moments later, the alien ship, named as the Eldae, exploded with the Columbia’s away team still on board. Starfleet Command have confirmed that Cmdrs. Jarred Thoran and Lluneh Walker, Lt. Cmdrs. Anath G’Renn and Rune Jolara as well as Ens. Karen Stendhal were aboard the Eldae and are presumed dead.
The Columbia is continuing its investigation of the wreckage in the hopes of establishing just what occurred in this remote system.
Due to heightened tensions aboard the Columbia a member of the crew was unavailable for comment. An official from Starfleet Command had the following statement:
“It is with great sadness that Starfleet Command must confirm the deaths of Cmdr. Jarred Thoran, Cmdr, Lluneh Walker, Lt. Cmdr. Anath G’Renn, Lt. Cmdr. Rune Jolara and Ens. Karen Stendhal. Our deepest condolences go to their families and loved ones. Our thoughts are with them at this desperately sad time.”
Written by Jarred Thoran

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