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Infiltrators Wreak Havoc Aboard USS Narendra

AVENDRA V — The crew of Starbase 118 Ops faces a battle to regain control of the USS Narendra after a coordinated attack by the Children of Molor.

After launching a successful rescue attempt to retrieve Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim and the other officers stranded on the Class-P planet of Avendra V, the crew of the USS Narendra soon found they had their own emergency to deal with, as reports began to detail numerous instances of violence among the crew.

Before long, it became apparent that, somehow, the Narendra had been infiltrated by members of the ruthless cult known as the Children of Molor and that these vicious individuals were wreaking havoc and spreading fear and panic throughout the vessel.

“It was like something from a horror movie,” stated Ensign Peter O’Halloran, who had been on duty in Shuttle Bay One when a group of cultists attacked. “They were dressed in Starfleet uniforms, but they were firing indiscriminately into crowds of people.”

With Fleet Captain Taybrim still en route back to the Narendra, First Officer Lieutenant Commander Gogigobo Fairhug opted to lock down the ship, limiting all non-essential personnel to their quarters, and dispatched teams of Security Officers and Marines with orders to sweep the Narendra deck-by-deck to weed out the attackers and regain control of the ship.

However, by that time, many unsuspecting crew members had already been incapacitated, and information emerged that the cultists were going so far as to detonate some kind of explosive concealed beneath their uniforms, killing themselves and anyone within range.

“We started to lose control of various systems,” commented Tactical Officer Lieutenant Bryan Fraser. “The cultists were not only trying to kill as many of us as possible, but also to inflict the maximum amount of damage to the Narendra.”

The USS Narendra traveled to the Avendra System to attend a hearing, at which the staff intended to present various pieces of evidence to representatives from the Klingon High Council, with the intent of finally proving that the Children of Molor are an active threat, not just to the Klingon Empire, but the entire Quadrant and perhaps beyond.

With Fleet Captain Taybrim’s shuttle now reunited with the Narendra and reinforcements arriving from Starbase 118, control of the Narendra has been regained. However, at last report, the crew were suddenly confronted with a Klingon B’Rel class warship, which decloaked provocatively off their starboard quarter.

This story is ongoing.


Written by Gogigobo Fairhug

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