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Former Montreal Crew Assigned To The USS Astraeus

FERASA PRIME SPACEDOCK — Following her unfortunate destruction, the crew of the USS Montreal enjoyed an extended period of rest and reorganization while waiting for their new vessel to be declared ready for service.

Much of the crew spent their shore leave exploring Ferasa Prime. Others remained aboard the spacedock to become better acquainted with their new ship, the USS Astraeus. Its state-of-the-art upgrades, which included larger quarters and additional science and engineering labs, were met with a general air of excitement.

“Our ship was selected to test out the new Warp XV drive they cooked up at R&D back on Earth,” said Crewman Brila Thom. “There are so many exciting possibilities. The new technology should make crossing vast distances much easier.”

Near the end of shore leave, Captain Mei’konda Delano gathered the crew to honor the heroic efforts of those who played an essential role in thwarting the plans of a Vulcan terrorist named Lenik. Officer Sheila Bailey was promoted to Lieutenant J.G.; Officers Kawakame Shin and Tiria Hamasaki were promoted to full Lieutenant; and Officers German Galven and Riley Delar were promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Furthermore, in recognition of extraordinary valor and upon the reassignment of Commander Tal Tel-ar to Strategic Ops, Lieutenant Kawakame Shin was immediately installed as the Astraeus’ Chief of Security. Additionally, for her exceptional skill at the helm and actions performed during the evacuation of the Montreal, Lieutenant Tiria Hamasaki was promoted to Chief of Operations.

“I’m just glad that positive things came out of the loss of the Montreal,” said Crewman Reese Holmes. “Every one of the senior staff handled themselves admirably and it’s good to see them recognized for their heroic actions.”

With the last of the upgrades complete, the Astraeus crew left Feresa Prime on a course for Bajor. Details of the Astraeus’ mission we were not disclosed and Starfleet officials declined to comment.

Written by Lael Rosek

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