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Dangerous cult, the Followers of Molor, plot to disrupt the balance of the Klingon Empire

AZURE NEBULA, ZETA IOMIS IV — The USS Narendra arrived swiftly to Zeta Iomis to confront the Followers of Molor at one of their bases and wasted no time sending away teams down to infiltrate.

The USS Narendra (NCC-26595) made haste to a hidden, barely habitable world as the crew gathered to discuss their newest mission. Captain Taybrim received sensitive intelligence from the Klingon Chancellor regarding a deadly toxin – a compound referred to as Death Fog, found to be most deadly to Klingons. The chancellor believes a group of vigilante cultists were responsible for the production, transport, and distribution of the toxin into Klingon territories – a group who call themselves The Followers of Molor, with a motive to upend the balance of the Empire.

Inside the Azure Nebula, where the planet Zeta Iomis is hidden, is filled with distortions and other complications making sensor scans difficult, which benefitted the Narendra’s need for stealth, hiding their approach. The ship arrived with teams at the ready, complete with EV suits the science team had modified to protect the away teams from possible exposure to the Death Fog.

Lieutenant Commanders Taelon and Ishani led their team to confiscate the Death Fog, under strict instruction to not allow a single drop escape or else life would be lost. They transported down and were quick to find cover. For the Narendra to transport them back, they had to wait for a window in the base’s defence, which only occurred every four hours and eighteen minutes. However, they happened upon a Follower. With phasers drawn, they gave the Follower a choice; live or die.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander Killoy and her team utilized a shuttle. The chance of getting caught was higher, but in the event of a need to escape in a hurry, they were not faced with an extended wait for a window. They made their way into the base through what appeared to be where livestock was housed. A critical find by Ensign Rós in an attempt to get out of sight, the team found themselves in a stampede of Targs. The ruckus alerted a group of Klingons, who rained down phaser fire on the away team. Killoy, in a moment of bravery, took a direct hit in order to protect Commander Nijil. The injury to the XO left the woman out of commission and in need of further medical attention. She and Ensign Brann Off returned to the shuttle, while Nijil stepped into the leadership role, their mission to retrieve all the information they could regarding the Followers of Molor.

“There’s a sad reason, why so many fall victim to such cults and madness,” said Lieutenant JG Alexis of the Narendra.

During the battle on the ground, the Narendra faced their own difficulties. Due to the natural disturbances, any incoming transmissions were disrupted and cryptic, which made for challenging work for Lieutenant Commander Aitas. Ensign Samuel Braddock alerted the bridge crew of a Klingon Bird of Prey taking off planetside and the mission continues.

Written by Rustyy Hael

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