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Astraeus Crew Enjoys Shore Leave While Traveling To New Area Of Operations

STREAMSTOP, EN ROUTE TO EAGLE NEBULA — A routine survey mission en route to the destination of the USS Astraeus (NCC-70652) turned into a second planetside shoreleave and a gathering to honor the hard work of the crew during its recent missions.

All members of the crew were recognized for their efforts in preventing a second conflict between the Cardassian and Bajoran governments with the Peacekeeper Service Ribbon.

Individual crew members were also recognized for their unique contributions to the success of the mission. Lieutenant JG Melody Delri’ise, who came aboard late in the mission, was awarded the Innovation Ribbon for providing information that played an important role in stopping the Son’a from achieving their goals.

“Her composure and quick thinking on the bridge were really impressive,” reported Ensign Mesda Chatva, one of the Astraeus’s relief helmsman. “She deserves it.”Though Lieutenant Tiria Hamasaki’s actions on the surface of the prison planet were potentially risky, she was awarded the Silver Star for her success in saving the lives of her entire team. Further, her actions led Captain Mei’konda Delano to order research with the goal of developing less lethal means of defense for shuttlecraft.

A security crewman, Tran Martinez, commented, “It’s all a learning curve. We’re bound to run into unique situations out here that inspire the need for changes in how we handle similar situations in the future. What Lieutenant Hamasaki did wasn’t wrong necessarily. She was simply working with what she had available to her at that moment.”Medical personnel was also recognized for their efforts in aiding the Bajoran families of those left behind, specifically Doctor Solok, who was awarded the Trauma Support Advocate Ribbon for his efforts in supporting the mental welfare of Bajoran family members.

“He was a critical piece in determining how we should approach them (the Bajoran families),” said Ensign Calys Vera. “The combined medical and mental health knowledge of Doctor Solok and the counseling team gave us the ability to more effectively support the family members of those mission.”

With the ceremony concluded, the Astraeus crew returned to the ship and continued their journey to the Eagle Nebula, where they will catalog, chart, and otherwise explore for the foreseeable future.


Written by Lael Rosek

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