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USS Atlantis takes significant risk to secure Korri survivors from Jenatris Cloud

PAR’THA EXPANSE – Tasked with finding survivors among the Korri traders, the USS Atlantis dispatched several senior officers on shuttles to search for survivors in every corner of the Jenatris Cloud.

The shuttles heading off in all directions, cut off from one another, while the Atlantis itself remained on standby to assist where it was most needed. With all teams dispatched it appeared that Atlantis commanding officer Captain Brell was in for a long wait; however, the Atlantis made a very interesting discovery when one of the Korri escape pods was discovered near an old Chon Outpost.

Brell took his personal shuttle to get himself and his team onto the station. They managed to make contact with several Korri, although, not all of them wanted to be rescued. One Korri refused to leave, claiming salvage rights on the old base. If the claims will be honoured has not yet been decided. Speculations are that the evacuation of the Korri is taking first priority.

Saving the Korri seemed to be no easy task. Several teams have reported hostilities between Starfleet personnel and Korri survivors. Teams under the command of the finest security experts like Lt. Raga and Lt. Serala seem to have their hands full when trying to contain the violence. Several Korri had to be stunned and sedated before they could be safely evacuated to Atlantis and remained under guard at all times.

The science and medical staff investigated the causes of the aggressive behaviour as it did not match known intelligence about the race. To compound the problem, it seemed the aggressive factor also affected several Starfleet personnel. This resulted in hostile actions between Atlantis Chief Engineer Valin Dermond and his Romulan rescuers, who were able to assist when Atlantis shields failed in the middle of a rescue attempt.

“They killed them…” Lt. Dermond said, amid claims the Romulans were responsible for killing the crew of a ship. “They killed them…”

However, proof of any Romulan aggression remains absent. Starfleet Medical were consulted for their professional opinion on the matter at hand and to lend any additional knowledge to the investigation.

“Aggressive behaviour can have roots in multiple external factors,” Doctor Rajani of Starfleet Medical explained when pathological evidence was submitted for diagnosis. “It could be the result of shock, an unknown virus or strong telepathic alien lifeforms.”

Meanwhile, the Atlantis’ First Officer Lt.Cmdr. Alexander Williams landed on an L-Class moon christened “Chandrayã” by team member Doctor Femi Cattan. After an intense rock climb, they found a damaged pod with no survivors near a cavern entrance. The fate of any survivors who made it into the cavern remains uncertain. Contact between Atlantis and the last team has not yet been established. However, with the other teams and shuttles safely back, it seems only a matter of time before the last members of the Atlantis family are reunited.

Written by Alexander Williams

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