Discord Showcase

Discord Showcase

Since its initial release back in 2015, Discord has quickly become a hub of OOC engagement in our community.  There, people from all over the fleet can easily come together and chat in real time.  But did you know all the channels that are available on discord outside of the ship channels?  Here’s a brief rundown of what you can find on the Discord server for full members of Starbase 118. 

Announcements: This channel is where you’ll find updates relevant to our community of Discord users here, for example: time of the next fleet-wide chat. 

News: Here, you can stay updated about our community and game. This is also where you’ll see the monthly ship reports and Federation News Service articles.  It also plays hosts to Temporal Record posts and the occasional AI generated song inspired by those posts. 

Officers-Club: Here, members from all over the fleet can post to this channel and chat with others, even if they don’t share the same ship, base, or outpost.  Lots of shenanigans happen, but please, no spoilers!

Spoiler-Room:  This is where you can put all your Star Trek, Star Wars (Baby Yoda), Marvel Universe, science fiction, fantasy, and general pop culture discussion! Pictures and memes are okay here, but please use spoiler tags for any textual spoilers for at least a week after a show airs. Check the pinned items for other notes!

Lambda-alliance: This is for LGBTQIA+ players, and those who play characters of that orientation. All are welcome to participate in discussion, however, so please feel free to join in!

Creation-showcase: Here you can showcase your art, ai generations, music, writing, and other creations, so please share with the world!  Just remember, if you’re diving into the world of AI art, remember to steer clear of uploading watermarked images from the Image Collective. And whether it’s a cool AI masterpiece or a handcrafted gem, ask for a thumbs-up from the original artist before blending their work into your creative projects.

Gaming: Here you can discuss Star Trek games like Star Trek Online, Bridge Crew, and more. It’s also the perfect place to arrange teams together!

Species-guild:  This channel is for players to post, share, and discuss with other members about species specific related content, especially as they come up in the course of simming. The links to the sims and descriptions can be added to the ILI pages to update the wiki. The hope is to provide a more cohesive and interconnected relationship between writers and ships while still allowing for individual variation.

Wiki-web-questions: Do you have questions about the wiki?  This is the place to post them!  Anyone who needs a bit of help or insight is welcome to ask a question, and anyone who has the knowledge is welcome to answer!

General-team: You may have seen this and wondered what it’s for.  This is a place where people can ask questions about our community that don’t necessarily fit in any other channel!

Seasonal channels & Special Events: These don’t always coincide with the four seasons (though don’t be surprised if one appears that does!).  Channels with a theme, especially during special events like awards and the writing challenge will pop up from time to time, so be on the lookout!

What you don’t see: In addition, members will have access to their own ship/base/outpost channel, and anyone who is a member of a taskforce will have access to the channel specifically for that team.  If you’re interested in joining a taskforce, talk to your commanding officer or first officer and they can get you connected!

Although not even a decade old, Discord has become a popular hub for connecting people on the internet throughout the world, and especially in our community.  Here, we have the opportunity to get to know one another better, share parts of ourselves, and quickly communicate with each other. If you aren’t on Discord yet, it’s not too late!  Click here to join.  

We hope to see you there!

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