August post counts

August post counts

In August we had the excitement of launching a new ship, putting our group with a total of eight! This launch pulled in crew from throughout the fleet and while our overall sim count climbed, our average dropped for the month of August as we get used to another ship in the fleet. The drop was minor though as the average dropped from 233 to 221. But this time last year the average was at 184, so we are still doing really well.
As we look at the numbers from ship to ship, we can really see who was hit by the end of summer, beginning of the school year and launch of a new ship. Three ships climbed as the excitement welled up, while the others ended with some “end of summer blues.”
The biggest climb was accomplished by Ops, which went from 217 to 329, followed by the Invicta which went from 169 to 249. The biggest hit was the Darwin with a drop from 333 to 201, followed by the Athena who was hit with a drop from 312 to 194. Even with these drops, all of our ships have full, active crews.
(Also keep in mind, for the Za below, that they launched about halfway through the month – with this pace, they’re sure to have a great month in September!)

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