April 2022 Post Counts

April, an already busy time of year, saw our writers even busier than normal – writing 1741 times, or 193 times per vessel. Ops rocketed ahead of the pack with

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March 2022 Post Counts

Our writers were certainly busy during the month of March, posting, 1467 times – an average of 163 times. Excalibur’s crew led the group with 211 sims, followed by Ops

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February 2022 Post Counts

February saw an exciting month as ships embraced the challenges of a short month, pandemic related challenges, and activities – resulting in 1,545 total posts and an average of 172

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December 2021 Post Counts

December, and the end of the year, saw the writers of the Fleet participating in great numbers, with the holidays and other end of the year activities not slowing them

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November 2021 Post Counts

November saw Autumn in full swing, American Thanksgiving, the move of the Resolution crew to the USS Excalibur-A. It also saw our talented writers post 1616 sims, averaging 180 posts

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October 2021 Post Counts

October, with the Halloween contest and the launch of the Amity Outpost in full swing, saw another great month of writing with a total of 1,678 of sims and an

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September 2021 Post Counts

September was an exciting month, combining back to school, the launch of the new Amity Outpost, and a marked increase in the storytelling in the fleet. Overall our fleet posted

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August 2021 Post Counts

In the midst of COVID-19, as everyone heads outside for the last few days of freedom before what looks to be a stressful school year, our total and average number

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July 2021 Post Counts

The month of July saw a repeat of June with 1,635 sims, and an average of 182 posts per ship: Though the fleet total for the month was the same,

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