June 2024 Post Counts

With the launch of our Fleet Blockbuster event, we saw continued increase in numbers this month with 2,049 total posts – averaging 205 per ship.

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The Awards Ceremony is coming up!

Every year in June, we take time to recognise our members’ achievements and accomplishments during a week-long Award Ceremony. This is a core tradition of our group that began in

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December 2023 Post Counts

The Fleet finished out the year with an amazing 1,714 total posts – averaging 171 per ship. 2400 is now one for the history books, and we start the 25th

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November 2023 Post Counts

During the month of November, the authors of the Fleet went on twists and turns, going on adventures that boggled the imagination – writing 1712 posts, averaging 171 posts per

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September 2023 Post Counts

September unfolded as a month of exploration and storytelling prowess within our esteemed Fleet. Our dedicated crews embarked on odysseys that pushed the boundaries of imagination, delivering narratives that enthralled

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