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February 2015 Post Totals

Good news from February, everyone!

February, as it’s both firmly in the new year and three days shorter than January, tends to see falling simming trends from all ships — but that wasn’t the case in February 2015! Apollo posted a respectable gain for the month, and Garuda and Victory both had small gains over January, as well. Starbase 118 showed a sim count that held it steady from January, and while other ships did have some losses, we’re roaring onward to March! It’s interesting to note, though, that while the Embassy continues to be a simming powerhouse, there’s some strong similarities among the numbers of Apollo, Atlantis, Constitution, Garuda, and Victory — all of those ships ended up around 200-220 sims for February, averaging an impressive 7 or 8 sims per day. Well done, everyone!

sim totals february 2015

Likewise, the fleetwide total for February was remarkably similar to the total from previous years. If the trends of past years continues, and there’s every indication that it will, then March will end up being a much stronger month for many ships — though, again, it’s notable that three of the fleet’s ships actually posted improvements in February! With two new ships — the relaunched Excalibur and Darwin — March should be an impressive month indeed!

avg sims february 2015

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