June plot summary for the USS Atlantis

With shore leave over, the Atlantis makes her way back from Uzoka 4 to DS26. Shortly after departure, several crew members begin to fall severely ill. The pathogen causing the outbreak is a benign Krayav flu virus linked to a bioengineered toxin that leads to overwhelming hemorrhage in the stricken. When an ill engineer falls to his death and disrupts the warp coolant system, the Atlantis loses warp capabilities. It is then learned that everyone on board is actually infected with the virus! To make matters worse, studying the toxin led to the activation of a failsafe mechanism that both broadcasts the Atlantis’ coordinates to the mysterious creators of the toxin as well as takes most systems on board offline. With incoming unidentified vessels on an intercept course, the crew is forced to land and hide the ship on a nearby M-class asteroid.

Unbeknownst to everyone, the triggered failsafe mechanism also activated two sleeper agents amongst the crew, one of whom, acting on the superconscious commands of an enigmatic and powerful entity, goes on a rampage to wrest control of the ship at all costs as soon as the ship lands.

Will a cure arrive in time before more crew die, including the comatose commanding officer? Will the crippled Atlantis now be an even easier target for the unknown, unseen and approaching enemy? Tune in to find out what happens next on Atlantis’ most harrowing mission yet!

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