December Plot Summary for the USS Darwin

December Plot Summary for the USS Darwin

The crew of the USS Darwin NCC-99312-A had to quickly assemble for an early departure because StarFleet Command needed them to respond to a distress call from D’Nal Hheinia, the Governor of the Romulan World Talvath.
A Nybarite freighter collecting a dilithium shipment from the planet had a fatal and unexpected malfunction in the warp core sending it plummeting into the planet’s atmosphere. The resulting explosion showered the populace with debris and caused massive damage to one of their largest population centres.
Emergency response agencies and government officials on Talvath realised that trilithium resin was dispersing through the atmosphere from the freighter’s badly kept engines. The chemical is lethal to humanoids and colony leaders quickly realised that the resin would mean the end of all life on Talvath; it would have spread too far before an evacuation attempt could be mounted and they did not have the means or resources to scrub the resin from the air in time!
The crew of the USS Darwin are tasked with finding a way to avert a planetary holocaust while keeping their eyes peeled for trouble of misdirection by the Romulans. As if the planet wide disaster wasn’t a big enough concern on its own, the crew are aware that success or failure here could have far reaching consequences and either sway or deter other Romulan colonies from joining the Federation.

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