SDC Spotlight: Xindi

After a few long weeks, the SDC was finally able to compile all of the current information available about the Xindi. In the process, 6 complete and totally different species pages were created on our wiki for each of the 6 different sub-species of Xindi. There was a lot of data involved and it all had to be divided up and separated into 6 different collections of information. After all, this is the first and only known instance of 6 distinct species developing on a single planet in the Star Trek universe.

In the process of working on this, a number of very interesting interviews and articles were discovered. These reflected the ideas and thoughts behind the creation of the Xindi. It was truly interesting to read how each species was developed and the changes that took place during their creation, from the original concept sketches to the final finished product.

Now it is with pride that the SDC can announce that all 6 of the Xindi species wiki pages have been completed and approved. Also based on the historical fact (Enterprise TV show) that sometime in the future the Xindi will be members of the Federation and serve in Starfleet all 6 are considered permitted for player use.