SDC Progress

The SDC (Species Development Committee) has been hard at work slowly revitalizing the master ILI list on our very own wiki. The ILI is a list of all the species found in the Star Trek universe. This includes any and all original species created by members of the Starbase 118 community.

As a result of this ongoing work the SDC is proud to report that all the species on the list in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants falling under the letters U, W, X, Y and Z have been completed. They are now on the new page layout that all the species will eventually be on and a complete list of all sources used has been included.

The following letters on the list in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants have over half their entries already completed and all of them should be finished before the end of this year. These would be R, S, T, and V.

As well as these over 50 other species scattered through out the rest of the list have been completed or are currently under work.

Interested in helping out? Talk to your Captain, or contact Commander Tal Tel-ar for more information about joining the Species Development Committee!

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