POtW: Crossing Over

Over the course of the last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Comic and SciFi festival here in my home town. And yes, after being coerced to do so, went in a cosplay outfit. I must say I did have a good time. There was so much to see and do, and I really enjoyed being stopped by strangers to have my picture taken with them. Even though some thought that was ample excuse to get a wee bit too frisky for my liking.

But as I walked through the maze of comics and artwork and SciFi memorabilia, I began to contemplate how this may all fit into the Star Trek universe we all know and love. As such, I’ve stumbled onto the idea of this week’s poll based upon all that I saw over the course of the last weekend.

So this week’s poll has to deal with crossovers, and what crossover between Star Trek and other SciFi series’ or movies we have all watched, would you be most interested to see? Why would you want to see such a crossover? Would it be more of a versus type scenario or a team up? How would it happen? Would you even be interested or curious in a crossover? If no, why not? Are there any that are not on the list that you would rather see?

Once again, I’m curious to know how the fleet thinks. If you are too, head over the the forums to find out!

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