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Poll of the Week: The real world, on screen

While television has been around in one form or another for the better part of a century, it has only been in the last two decades that we have been enlightened by “reality television”. Reality TV by definition differs to regular television programming because it presents unscripted situations or actual events against the backdrop of everyday life or similar simulated environments.

The fact is, if you have ever watched an episode of Big Brother or Survivor you have watched reality TV. And the different varieties of shows that are called reality TV don’t end there. Hidden camera shows, talent-search shows, some game shows and even court shows can all be called reality TV. I suppose that after two decades, finding a fresh looking reality TV show is a big ask even considering that most shows fitting into the genre typically use previously unknown actors.

But that isn’t what this poll is all about, instead the question of the week is whether or not you watch reality TV? Do you have troubles getting enough of it or do you have troubles finding anything good to say about it? I would highly encourage you to share your thoughts on this very unscripted topic on the forums because that is what makes these polls fun.

So over to you!!

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