May 2013

April for the Apollo and Avandar

USS Apollo The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669, are about to arrive at the planet Izar for shore leave. Many members of the crew have started planning their festivities.

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April for the Mercury and Drake

USS Mercury The rescue of Eyas Wulfantine’s mother was a success, but the senior staff of the Mercury was left with the not-so-minimal task of sneaking back to the Menthar

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April Recruitment Stats

Each month, the Publicity Team posts the number of applications our community received for the current year and how those applicants found our group. That summary will give you an

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April for the Discovery

With the timeline reset, the Discovery is just leaving Earth after shore leave. While en route to the Avalon sector, they encounter a strange nebula which upon further investigation contains

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Featured Bio Contest reminder

Don’t forget to nominate a bio for the Featured Bio Contest before it closes on June 1st, 2013.We’re looking for the highest quality bios in the fleet to not only help provide

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