Bring a Friend, Share the Fun

Bring a Friend, Share the Fun

150px-PT_logoHere at UFOP: Starbase 118 we all have the chance to share in an amazing hobby. We all draw huge amounts of reward from our continued adventures aboard our ships. Each of us has something in particular that we enjoy above all else – that could be the chance to earn promotions and move up through the ranks, the sense of achievement we get from winning one of the group’s myriad OOC competitions, or the joy of watching our characters evolve as their stories continue to be told!
The Publicity Team brings you this mission as Star Trek: Into Darkness reignites the passion for Star Trek worldwide – which of those rewards would appeal most to your Trek-fan friends? Which of them would appeal to those friends of yours who love roleplaying or sci-fi and would be willing to take part in a Star Trek-based RPG? Which element of the film did they enjoy the most, and how can we relate it to what we do here in the fleet?
More to the point… how cool would it be if you could share this amazing hobby with your real life friends? Imagine how easy it would be to cook up nefarious plots that could grace a ship during shore leave, or be written for the enjoyment of the fleet as a whole in the character café? Wouldn’t it be cool to have the chance to share the SIMs you take so much time and care over writing with your friends and inspire them to reach the same levels of achievement?
We need YOU to spread the word about the fleet to the people you know would enjoy it – remember, you’re the best person to sell it to them because you know what they like!
As a special request – this month we need extra help to bring in a flood of new members! Now we’re ready and raring to go again, the academy holodecks are screaming to be filled with new cadets who’ve heard good things about our group! Click here to find out how you can help!

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