Lower Decks: Ensign Edward Johnson

Here again in another issue of Lower Decks, we find ourselves delving into the world of one Ensign Edward Johnson, an up and coming Helmsman from the USS Apollo. The writer for Mr. Johnson fills us in on what it took to create Ed, what he’s got going on right now, and where he’ll plan to take us for the future. Based on some of the responses I recieved in the initial interview, this should be one heck of a ride!

Ensign Johnson was born of a dream, a dream that his writer thought was just that at one point and nothing more. After leaving one community to find UFOP:SB118, he decided to make that dream a reality. The writer for Mr. Johnson, Mr. Ellis Passmore, III, is an eighteen year old student from Pennsylvania. He’s had his fair share of authoring short stories set in the Star Trek realm, but feels that his talents might be best put to use here. He spoke of playing PBEM groups before, but after hearing about UFOP:SB118, he decided to give it a whirl.

Ensign Johnson is of Yassengoro decent, and was only spoken of in his last PBEM game. This time around, he figured Ed would be the backbone of his character creation. “Well, I figured, ‘Hey, should a time come for me to do another game, I
have a template to work from.’  And I was right.  I had to come up with some of the backstory for Johnson but that was okay, considering that he is a flyboy much like his great-grandfather.  I have really liked working with the new Johnson.” Sometimes our thoughts and ideas as writers coming to fruition can be just one of the rewards of simming. “Johnson now is a thought being acted out; because I have always wanted to figure out where the rest of the story behind the Johnsons is going and how it may end or  continue.  And I am willing to see how it goes…”

As far as where he is now and how he got here, Johnson tells of his time in training, both in and out of character. Sometimes it’s our mentors that guide us through the hard times, and with the help of FltAml Wolf himself, Ensign Johnson found himself back on his feet after a few attempts at training. He graduated with a new found confidence, and also a last impression with one of his trainers. ” I made it through training although I ended up giving LtCmdr Dupruis a broken arm in the holodeck.  Whoops!” Good thing for Starfleet medicine, otherwise this might have been a far too long lasting impression for the young Ensign to have left.

Johnson is currently posted on the USS Apollo under command of Captain Andrus Jaxx, their course plotted for the Typhon Expanse. When asked about his time on the Apollo thus far, he replied with “I might be scrubbing plamsa conduits, since I interrupted the captain during morning briefing.  But other than that, I LOVE the Apollo right now.  I can’t wait until battle.  I could probably do donuts around the enemy ship while El-Tee Ra shoots the living cripes out of them.” Just the sort of spirit a vessel travelling to the proverbial Pandora’s Box of the galaxy. What better way to test out those piloting skills at the helm of a brand new vessel, headed to one of the most meloncholic yet wondrous areas of space! No pressure now Ensign…

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