Lower Decks: Marine Captain Michael Valentino

In this edition of Lower Decks, we talk with Marine Captain Michael Valentino and his writer about the current assignment for the character and where he plans to go. Serving aboard the USS Thunder in their Marine contingent, Michael has a lot to strive for in the coming years. Let’s take a look.

Michael Valentino (also the name for his character), a 23 year old Londoner working as a radiologist, has always had a love for the Trek. Like most of the younger generation of simmers, his captivation was brought on by TNG and Voyager. He commented that  “… [I] Love the stories, the morals and the humanity. My favorite episode from TNG is probably “Inner Light”. And like most of us, watching the series’ unfold on television just wasn’t enough. PBEM roleplay was the next course of action, leading him to UFOP:SB118. Upon enrolling, there had to be an inspiration that could breathe life into his character. As his name would suggest, he chose to model the character after himself, giving him unchained ability when it came to fleshing out the character. Training didn’t prove to be much of a challenge for the lad, as he had this to say when prompted about the challenges of training: “Nothing specific. The staff were excellent in their support and tutoring and always encouraging. A credit!”

Marine Captain Michael Valentino is currently posted as a Marine Officer aboard the USS Thunder. Having spent time with the V’Shar, the High Vulcan Command, and promoted to Sim’re’Pelq’Ari at the age of 17, the man certainly has the skills to make a great Marine. He’s hoping to be able to use more and more of his Defense Force skills in the future to aid Starfleet wherever they may be sent. When asked about his current post, he had nothing but encouraging words to say. “[I’m] Absolutely loving my current assignment. I have a good commanding officer for the marines in Parker, and a fantastic Captain in Turner who is always willing to help and support. I’m enjoying simming with the other new members of the crew and hope to build a great rapport on and off the ship, IC and OOC.” Starfleet is expecting great things from you young man, Hoo-ah, and carry on Captain!

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