August Plot Summary: USS Drake

Shore leave for the crew of the USS Drake NC-1987 comes to a dramatic conclusion with the successful completion of the SAR unit rescue training and the postponement of the weddings for Doctor’s Dantin and Reid.  The  Drake’s CMO Dantin Vex is badly injured during a cave diving expedition and LtCmdr Reid temporarily  exits on a Medical LOA. The next mission is unexpectedly begun amidst the turmoil in Medical.  The mounting tension between the Klingons and the Romulans has fast tracked the Drake’s mission to reactivate an ancient sensor array the central control of which is located on a desolate shard on the edge of the Ishkarian home system.

Beaming down to the surface the Drake’s CO Cmdr Rogers is overcome by a brain infection and the ships’ FO Major Whale assumes command of the mission. As the crew examines the brightly glowing orb which contains the central control unit the mission takes several unexpected turns.  The control unit is out of sync with normal space time and as Major Whale , Lt Stennes  and the ship’s CEO L t Pandora work out a way to reach it a band of mercenaries under the employ of the Klingons attack the rest of the away team.  The Drake’s Security and Marine force manage to beat off the attack however not before one of the Drake’s shuttles is shot down. As the senor array controls are activated a smaller group of the crew rush to rescue the downed pilot.

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