Constitution plot summary for February

The ship and her crew were hijacked by Armeni and her band of Pirates. Using her telephathic skills she subdued the crew. Angered by the fact she had missed Cmdr. Vetri and LtCmdr. T’Lea, she beamed the senior staff to the Holodeck to take part in a sick game of survival in a version of Sto-vo-kor (the Klingon afterlife). For good measure, she sent Tash Zubowskivich (who was under her telepathic control) to kill them if her friends on the Holodeck failed.

The crew soon learned that Armeni planned to take the Constitution-B to Betazed and commit genocide.

Using her own telephathic powers, Lt. JG Teagan managed to cut the link between Tash and Armeni. With him back to normal, Perkins and the others managed to escape alive from the holodeck although most of them were injured.

LtCmdr. Fanel led a strike force onto the Bridge and re-captured it, but not before Armeni opened fire on Betazed, destroying two cities in the process.

With the ship back under control of the crew, it is now time to repair the damage. This includes a destroyed Holodeck, caused when the senior staff escaped. Doctor Stone is now attempting to heal the wounds picked-up while in the forest. This includes the Captain, whose leg was injured by an axe-wielding pixie.

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