Challenger plot summary for February

USS ChallengerThe USS Challenger arrived at Chaltok IV to evacuate a number of endangered Romulans and assist Romulan Governor Valdek in achieving a peaceful resolution with a growing Reman military presence. After an uncomfortable, and not entirely diplomatic initial contact with the Governor, the crew prepared to assist the Romulans as planned. At this point, the Captain had ordered the crew to attempt to locate the Remans in the hope of mediating a peace talk. While on the surface, Lt. (j.g.) Maya Gemini was separated from her team and taken prisoner by Reman forces. In a daring, but highly unauthorized “shadow op,” Lieutenant Hannibal Tiberious Parker single-handedly stormed the Reman mining facility. In the process, he destroyed numerous caches of Reman supplies, killed multiple Reman troops, and violently captured and interrogated Ramat (the #2 Reman commander).

As word of the incursion reached Revar (The Reman supreme commander) a Romulan supply ship had just de-cloaked in front of the Challenger. Revar concluded that based on Parker’s actions, and our friendly posture toward the Romulan vessel, that we were in league with their enemies. With our defensive systems intentionally down (due to our diplomatic position), the massive Reman “Leviathan” and a fleet of allied Klingon ships de-cloaked and tore us to bits. Fortunately, Lt. Cmdr. Lawn was able to convince the Klingons that there had been a mistake and killing a bunch of defenseless Federation citizens wasn’t very honorable. General Krone of the Klingon Empire spoke with Revar on our behalf. The Reman commander subsequently abducted then FO Commander Tal Tel-ar and Lt. Cmdr. Jesse Lawn by transporting them to his vessel. There, he demanded the delivery of Lt. Parker for execution in exchange for the lives of our crew. After the two Federation officers negotiated with Revar, Lawn agreed to a telepathic link with the Reman to clarify all of the misunderstandings. Once Revar realized that the Federation was not in league with the Romulan government, hostilities between the Challenger and the Reman/Klingon forces ceased. After much convincing, Revar agreed to meet with the Romulans to discuss the potential of peace.

While attempting to repair the Challenger and locate Governor Valdek, several Romulans beamed themselves on board. They were immediately intercepted by security, at which point they requested asylum and claimed to have knowledge of a great secret. Our sensors have detected some incredible power readings on the surface, but at this point we have not made any conclusions. Based on the Captain’s recommendation we are continuing this mission. A conclusion has yet to be reached.

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