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Challenger plot summary for July

USS ChallengerThe USS Challenger-A is currently searching for a Bajoran freighter that was transporting an illegal weapon to StarBase 118. The crew were members of the Scarlet Brotherhood, a bunch of fanatical terrorist fringe group from Bajor. The crew searched a number of freighters and found the one carrying the contraband weapons, but the away team soon came under fire and Ensign Blake was badly injured while other members were killed. LtCmdr. Lawn and Lt. Parker were captured by the extremists but fortunately managed to escape.

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Challenger Plot Summary for June

USS ChallengerThe USS Challenger started the month on shore leave. Some crew members explored the Klingon planet that they had been called to for their previous mission, some explored the Xarantine home world, and others stayed on the ship to use its facilities. Then the parents of Klingon/Trill science officer Lieutenant (j.g.) Maya Gemini invited the Challenger senior staff to a banquet served in their honour, held by their Klingon house. It was a typical Klingon feast with fighting, traditional Klingon food, blood wine and exchanging stories.

Shortly afterwards, the ship was visited by a mysterious Section 31 operative, warning of a planned thalaron weapon attack on Starbase 118 by the Scarlet Brotherhood. Pushing the ship to her very limits, the Challenger crew began the race against time to return to the Trinity Sector and find the ship in question before the weapon could be assembled and activated. With a Bajoran freighter currently in their sights, will the crew find and stop the terrorists in time?

Challenger plot summary for May

USS ChallengerThe USS Challenger-A has just finished its mission to the Klingon empire. It turns out that the reason for the conflict between the Klingons and the Xarantine was caused by a mysterious 3rd species that used personnel cloaking technology while their ships moved between normal space and underspace. This species boarded the Challenger-A and one was captured which resulted in open conflict between the crew and the aliens. Once it was clear that they were losing, they started their self-destruct sequence and proceeded to ram the Challenger with their own ship in the final moments before explosion. Numerous members of the crew were injured, including Cmdr. Tel-ar. The crew is now busy repairing the ship as a new peace settles among the Klingons and Xarantine for the first time in 250 years.

Challenger plot summary for April

USS ChallengerThe USS Challenger-A is currently in Klingon Empire space after they were asked by the Klingons for assistance with the Xarantine, a species they have been at war with for over 250 years. The situation quickly revealed itself to be more than what it seemed, as the Klingons had quarantined the Xarantine species and were using them as live training aids for their warrior training program. With further investigation, it was found that the Xarantine had surrendered, in the face of Klingon hostilities, which angered the Klingons, who threatened to cause their sun to go supernova if the Xarantine didn’t continue to honorably defend themselves. The crew of the Challenger is now tasked with peaceably resolving the stand-off and saving the Xarantines from future harm!

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Challenger plot summary for March

USS ChallengerHaving finished our mission inside the Romulan Empire, after the explosion of the Hobus star, we returned to DS-24. Lt. Parker was brought up on charges but given a stiff warning. After Lt. Parker started a relationship with LtJG Maya Gemini, they also celebrated in the Lower Deck bar. This resulted in Gemini getting in a fight with a Klingon female and Parker’s ex-girlfriend showed up. Tensions rose. New crew arrived and Captain Frazier stepped down, resulting in Cmdr. Tel-ar being made acting Captain. They were given a new mission to assist the Klingons with the Xarantine and they left DS-24 for the Klingon Empire. The crew were reorganized and Major Fracis deMarc returned to active duty from a long LOA. We are now on our way to the mission.

Challenger plot summary for February

USS ChallengerThe USS Challenger arrived at Chaltok IV to evacuate a number of endangered Romulans and assist Romulan Governor Valdek in achieving a peaceful resolution with a growing Reman military presence. After an uncomfortable, and not entirely diplomatic initial contact with the Governor, the crew prepared to assist the Romulans as planned. At this point, the Captain had ordered the crew to attempt to locate the Remans in the hope of mediating a peace talk. While on the surface, Lt. (j.g.) Maya Gemini was separated from her team and taken prisoner by Reman forces. In a daring, but highly unauthorized “shadow op,” Lieutenant Hannibal Tiberious Parker single-handedly stormed the Reman mining facility. In the process, he destroyed numerous caches of Reman supplies, killed multiple Reman troops, and violently captured and interrogated Ramat (the #2 Reman commander).

Challenger plot summary for January

USS ChallengerThe ship and crew have crossed the Neutral Zone and entered Romulan space, and traveled to Chaltok IV at the request of the Romulans. The governor Valdek requested our help to transport the Romulan civilians from the southern half of the planet to the northern half and away from the rebel forces of their slave race the Remans. This conflict has resulted in numerous casualties on both sides.

Challenger plot summary for December

USS ChallengerThe crew lead by Lt. Cmdr. Dickens was finally able to discover the identity of the real killer. It was a business man by the name of Jason Dean. As a result all charges against Lt. Edward Chalmers have been dropped and we can now leave New Scotland. We then headed to Starbase 118 where the crew will be enjoying shore leave. Once at the station the entire crew was given leave. After everyone had an opportunity to enjoy the facilities on the station the Captain organized a dinner where he promoted a number of the crew, then handed out awards. Very soon after we were contacted by Admiral Janeway and put on standby to possibly assist the Romulans.

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Launch of the Resolution!

Commander Toni Turner, most recently executive officer aboard the USS Challenger, has launched as a commanding officer aboard the USS Resolution. Congratulations, Commander, and good luck to you and your crew!
The current Starbase 118 fleet once again includes eight playable vessels and one installation. That, along with an influx of many new players, promises *ahem* long life and prosperity to the group!

Happy Holidays, from Challenger crew

Per tradition, the Challenger crew has posted their yearly holiday card. Check it out, and be sure to drop them a line on the forums to thank them for the well-wishes!

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