Challenger plot summary for July

The USS Challenger-A is currently searching for a Bajoran freighter that was transporting an illegal weapon to StarBase 118. The crew were members of the Scarlet Brotherhood, a bunch of

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Challenger Plot Summary for June

The USS Challenger started the month on shore leave. Some crew members explored the Klingon planet that they had been called to for their previous mission, some explored the Xarantine

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Challenger plot summary for May

The USS Challenger-A has just finished its mission to the Klingon empire. It turns out that the reason for the conflict between the Klingons and the Xarantine was caused by

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Challenger plot summary for April

The USS Challenger-A is currently in Klingon Empire space after they were asked by the Klingons for assistance with the Xarantine, a species they have been at war with for

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Challenger plot summary for March

Having finished our mission inside the Romulan Empire, after the explosion of the Hobus star, we returned to DS-24. Lt. Parker was brought up on charges but given a stiff

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Challenger plot summary for February

The USS Challenger arrived at Chaltok IV to evacuate a number of endangered Romulans and assist Romulan Governor Valdek in achieving a peaceful resolution with a growing Reman military presence.

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Challenger plot summary for January

The ship and crew have crossed the Neutral Zone and entered Romulan space, and traveled to Chaltok IV at the request of the Romulans. The governor Valdek requested our help

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Launch of the Resolution!

Commander Toni Turner, most recently executive officer aboard the USS Challenger, has launched as a commanding officer aboard the USS Resolution. Congratulations, Commander, and good luck to you and your

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