May 2011

The Species of UFOP: SB118

The chart below shows the breakdown of species among our playing characters: “Others” includes: Angosian, Brekkian, Denobulan, Al-Leyan, Android, Brikar, Dahlyd, Grazerite, Iotian, Laudean, Orion, Tandaran, Hologram, Saurian, Denebian, Pythron,

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New Upcoming Chat Events!

Hello everyone and thanks to all those who participated in this month’s Fleetwide Chat! It was great fun and we even discussed some impromptu ideas about how to conduct the next

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Brek’s House of Wares

It was inevitable… the Ferengi have found the Internet. Our new resident profiteer Brek demanded a spot to sell his merchandise. We, reluctantly, agreed. However, do us a favor and

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Discovery plot summary for April

In orbit around the Orcus Sect Homeworld, a planet were night is several years long, the Discovery placed a grid of mirrors to bring daylight, harmful to the Orcus Sect

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New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest class of Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Darius Mando, Arden Cain, Jackson Teller, and Jaidin Se’tal!

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