Brek’s House of Wares

Brek’s House of Wares

It was inevitable… the Ferengi have found the Internet. Our new resident profiteer Brek demanded a spot to sell his merchandise. We, reluctantly, agreed. However, do us a favor and read ALL the fine print.
“Greetings hew-mons. I am Brek, owner of Brek’s House of Wares where we sell all sorts of EXCELENT(ly pre-owned) merchandise to all sorts of customers.  Recently a know-it-all cousin of mine suggested I use this so-called “internet” to expand my business and open new mediums for profit. And the 45th Rule of Acquisition does tell you to “expand or die.” With that in mind, bellow are a few (older) inventory items that you can get a great deal on today!”
Want To Sell: PRACTICALLY NEW CASE OF SELF-SEALING STEM BOLTS Never been re-opened! All sorts of uses… we think. 5 bars of Gold Pressed Latinum (GPL) or best offer!
Want To Sell: WARP CORES FROM ANY SHIP!* No major leaks or breaches detected! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!** Prices negotiable. Anti-matter and dilithium not included.
Want to Sell: ROMULAN ALE!!! I don’t have any… but I know a guy. 20 strips GPL for his contact info. (Note: You must disclose if you are Federation Internal Security. Will not bargain otherwise)
That’s the great specials from this month! I’ll have more merchandise next time! Interested in buying OR would you like to let me help share YOUR wares?*** Contact me HERE.
*: May be refurbished warp cores to fit any ship. Allow 6 to 8 weeks for refit and delivery.
**: All sales are final. Satisfaction is relative. Let the buyer beware.
***: Must allow fees of 35% of final closing price on wares sold through Brek’s.

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