Future Technology – Closer to Home

Future Technology – Closer to Home

As the years fly by and we get ever closer to what our predecessors considered “the future”, our technology has been reflecting what was dreamed up for Star Trek so many moons ago.  As it is said, necessity is the mother of invention and taking that stand point, there have been some technological advances over the last few years which have caught my eye.  Whether or not they are influenced by Star Trek is up to the interpreter, but needless to say, inventions they are and necessity has brought us this far.
The LOCAD-PTS, a device invented to detect biological and chemical substances.  Not unlike the tricorder, this device allows the user to rapidly detect microrganisms and gives results back in 15 minutes.  It has been assigned to many space expeditions and is in frequent use.
A Universal Translator?  Look no further than the Voxtec Phraselator.  A handy device used by the U.S. Military for communications in the Middle East.  Considering the size of the device and its uses, there’s no telling where developments will take this piece of technology.  With Google Translate, we are even closer to realising the dream of universal communication. 
Fancy calling back to the ship for help?  Need to flip out the old communicator or press the comm. badge?  With today’s technology, mobile phones can do more than any pocket device has been able to do before.  With the many abilities mobile phones are now capable of, are we looking at a cross between the communicator and the PADD?
There’s tonnes more if you dig deep enough and certainly more than Engineering’s fair share.  If you’d like to put your two pence in and join a discussion on Engineering technology, please feel free to visit our Duty Post forums and join the fray!

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