Discovery plot summary for April

Discovery plot summary for April

Ronin Class ShipIn orbit around the Orcus Sect Homeworld, a planet were night is several years long, the Discovery placed a grid of mirrors to bring daylight, harmful to the Orcus Sect members, to the planet surface. But the grid was attacked by a Valdore class Warbird, commanded by Captain Waltas’ daugher, now a member of the sect. At the same time, the away team on the surface split into two. One team found a group that fought against the Orcus Sect, although they were very similar to them, and is still trying to ascertain if they can trust them. Meanwhile, the other team discovered a church that was the entrance to the underground Orcus Temple, and found a normal human that worked for the sect. He was not hostile, however, and they entered the tunnels, in order to rescue the prisoners the sect used as “Livestock”. In orbit, a transporter accident left an officer stranded in the holodeck, and the crew is working on rescuing him at the same time they work on a cure for the infection the Sect members transmitted on some crewmembers.
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