January 2011

Independence plot summary for December

In trying to reach Wheeler Colony to retrieve hallucinogenic drugs hijacked by the FTU, the Independence has run into a number of subspace disturbances that knocked the ship out of

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General Awards for 2010

The General Awards list for 2010 is now available! Below are all the recipients of General Awards for this past year. Please congratulate your peers on their accomplishments! CHALLENGER Ens.

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Summer 2011 Blockbuster thread

Every summer our group creates and executes a “summer blockbuster” plot that involves as many ships as want to be involved. As we prepare for this year’s big event, members

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Constitution plot summary for December

A Vulcan science vessel has found the Constitution-B adrift in space with the crew out cold. When they come around, Perkins and company discover everything is back to normal. However

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Victory plot summary for December

The USS Victory, NCC-36244 was on shore leave when the crew received word that the Hobus Star had become unstable. After a quick briefing, they were dispatched as part of

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