January 2011

Discovery plot summary for December

Due to the destruction of Romulus and Remus and the instability that it has caused throughout the region, Discovery has been recalled to her home — the Avalon sector —

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Promotions for December

Please congratulate the following officers on their promotions! Challenger Jesse Lawn to Lieutenant Cmdr. Hannibal Parker to Lieutenant Tanjar-ongra to Lieutenant Maya Gemini to Lieutenant JG Diego Herrera to Lieutenant

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How to punctuate a sentence

As internet writers, it’s important that we refresh our grammar skills from time-to-time, as our writing is how others know us. Think of grammar as the clothes you wear in

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Ronin plot summary for December

After the capture of the freighter where the children of the USS Ronin, NCC-34523, were being held, the two away teams found that it was a holodeck with traps designed

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Eagle plot summary for December

After concluding leave on Risa, the crew were gathered for a mission briefing, wherein it was revealed that the Eagle was to scout out a newly-discovered nascent wormhole in contest

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Fleet-wide OOC chat tomorrow!

Don’t forget! Our fleet-wide OOC chat takes place tomorrow, Sunday, January 9th. Times are as follows: 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern, 7pm GMT. To join us, just head to our new

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