Independence plot summary for December

Independence plot summary for December

In trying to reach Wheeler Colony to retrieve hallucinogenic drugs hijacked by the FTU, the Independence has run into a number of subspace disturbances that knocked the ship out of warp. The ship then began experiencing malfunctions, which have been attributed to a saboteur.
Lt jg Kobylarz and Lt Townson were going to use the Independence’s fighters to guide the ship through the disturbances. On reaching the hanger, however, they discovered two missing mauls and a hull breach. In trying to save a fellow crewman from the breach, Lt Townson was gravely injured.
Ensign Stark attempted to beam her directly to Sickbay, but the subspace distortions have caused a mysterious doubling effect, where Townson is evidenced both in a corridor by the shuttle bay and also within the ship’s hull lining. Meanwhile large portions of the rest of the crew appear to have disappeared only to reappear moments later.
The crew continues to investigate these mysteries as they try to move beyond the spatial distortions.
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