Constitution plot summary for December

A Vulcan science vessel has found the Constitution-B adrift in space with the crew out cold. When they come around, Perkins and company discover everything is back to normal. However with a skeleton crew and most of the ship systems down, it will take a while to limp back to the Utopia Planitia shipyards for repairs. But it soon becomes clear that something else apart from the crew is on board. The Computer has gone mad and systems turn deadly towards the crew. Plus, a strange ooze-like creature is roaming the ship, eating it’s way through solid objects. Thankfully, 2Lt. Sasslin manages to trap it in sickbay, but this only angers the beings who have invaded the ship.

After gathering in Engineering. The crew soon come to realise that this disgusting creature is the only ‘solid ‘ link to these beings. With more attacks on the crew plus Teagan being taken over by one of the beings. Perkins deciedes to return to sickbay and try to make contact. To be continued!

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