January 2011

News from Duronis II

In the wake of the Hobus explosion and subsequent collapse of the Romulan government, it appears that civil unrest has broken-out on Duronis II. Sources say native Laudean rebels have

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Fleet-wide OOC chat next week!

Just a quick reminder to mark your calendar for the next fleet-wide OOC chat to take place this coming Sunday, February 6th at 11 A.M. Pacific / 2 P.M. Eastern

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Remembering the Challenger

“We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and ‘slipped the surly bonds of Earth’

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New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest class of Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Finchley Kerr, Danika Nori, and Inarr “Sssteve” Rogg!

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An Interview with David Mack

You heard it here first! We’re excited to announce that Star Trek: Destiny author David Mack has agreed to an email interview with StarBase 118 members. We’re aiming to seek

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Top Sims Contest 2011 open!

Congratulations again to the winner of last year’s Top Sims Contest, Alleran Tan of the USS Independence-A for his story, “A Lifetime In Moments.” Runner-up was “Union” by Della Vetri

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