General Awards for 2010

General Awards for 2010

The General Awards list for 2010 is now available! Below are all the recipients of General Awards for this past year. Please congratulate your peers on their accomplishments!

  • Ens. Charisse Ocran: TOSMA I
  • Lt. JG. Tanjar-Ongra: TOSMA II, Silver Palm


  • Ens. Teagan: Scotty Cross
  • Lt. Cmdr. David Whale: Neelix Award


  • Lt. JG. Tildaen Ethelwin: The Nebula Bar
  • Ensign Pandora: TOSMA I
  • Lt. Cmdr. Ben Brown: TOSMA II


  • Lt. Raj Blueheart: TOSMA 1, Sheathed Sword
  • Cmdr. Mitchell: Purple Star


  • Lt. Cmdr. Karynn Ehlanii: TOSMA I, The Silver Palm
  • Lt. Tenzin Zhou: The Purple Star, B-Plot
  • Lt. Tracey Townson: TOSMA II
  • Lt. Cmdr. Darius Clack: The Scotty Cross
  • Lt. Cmdr. William Rogers: The Neelix Award
  • Lt. JG. Sturm Kobylarz: Barclay Bead


  • Lt. JG. Jassa Lenari: The Scotty Cross
  • 1st Lt. Miles Unum: TOSMA II, The Silver Palm, The Nebula Bar
  • Lt. Cmdr. Tallis Rhul: TOSMA 1, The Neelix Award, The B-Plot Award
  • Lt. Ann Readdy: The Barclay Bead


  • Lt. Katy Orman: TOSMA I, Silver Palm
  • CPO Radi Rais (Alleran Tan): TOSMA II, Sheathed Sword
  • Ens. Elya Tali: Barclay Bead
  • Ens. Tressa: Purple Star, Nebula Bar
  • Lt. Cmdr. Ash MacKenna: Neelix Award
  • Lt. Kevin Breeman: Merria Medallion, The B-Plot Award

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