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In Command: Renos

After experiencing an unprecedented amount of growth in our fleet in the last few months, we’ve responded with a series of launches and relaunches: Commander Leo Handley-Page aboard Starbase 118, Commander Renos on the Darwin, and Fleet Captain Kali Nicholotti with the Excalibur. In this interview, James, the writer behind Renos and an experienced former CO (he previously wrote for Greir Reinard), explains much about the relaunch of the Darwin and the adventures he has planned for his crew.

Q: When you were asked to become a CO again, what made you choose to relaunch the Darwin into the Zeta Gelis region?

A: The Horizon class USS Darwin NCC 99312-A was always a ship I felt passionately about, particularly as I designed and created it based off the ship as seen in Star Trek Online (STO). It always felt like I had unfinished business with the ship and region because there were so many things I wanted to do with both. It also helped that I’ve simmed in the region for something like 2 years now, so I have a lot of familiarity with the resident species and the stories that have been told in the region which I like to build upon.

The Darwin might not be the best armed ship but the containment sphere is something else no other ship has and it presents us with a number of unique opportunities. We’ve already used the containment sphere to cleanse the atmosphere of a planet poisoned with Trilithium resin and faced with the total annihilation and extinction of all life. We also have the possibility of sheltering small ships such as shuttles inside the containment sphere, or collecting huge samples from nebulas or conducting large scale experiments within it. There is also the fact that the ship is built like a tank and can take quite a considerable pounding, making any ship to ship combat frustrating to assailants, even if it takes some clever thinking on our part to compensate for the weaker offensive capabilities.

The Zeta Gelis Region is near Romulan space, which alone gives us a lot to explore post Hobus but it’s also home to a few other interesting species:
* The Zakdorn – a strategically masterful race on the edge of Federation space
* Zalkonians – a Xenophobic, isolationist species of which a handful are hunted due to an evolutionary process that seems them transform in non-corporeal beings.
* Asavii – A reptilian, underwater dwelling species of my own creation in the early stages of exploring space and intergalactic relations.

There are still stories I wanted to explore with them and I had a shuttle race planned for our home station Deep Space 6 as well as a few other surprises. Looking to the future, once I have explored that which I had in mind in the Zeta Gelis Region it is my hope to move the Darwin into a new campaign region.

Starfleet destroys rogue USS Spartan in Klingon space

KLINGON SPACE — The USS Gemini has destroyed the rogue USS Spartan after detaining her crew in an effort to prevent all out war.

The USS Gemini pressed on deeper into Klingon space in search of the USS Spartan and her rogue captain, Captain Jeremy Clarkson. With the aid of a classified piece of technology developed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, the Spartan continued to hunt unsuspecting Klingon ships.

Aboard the Gemini, a think-tank led by Lt. Cmdr. Alex Blair, managed to outthink the Starfleet Corps of Engineers by finding a way to track the disguised Spartan just in time for the Gemini to detect the signs of the Spartan destroying yet another Klingon ship. Without hesitation, the Gemini laid in a course to rendezvous with the Spartan before the Klingon captain, Jov’rak, could get there.

When the Gemini arrived, they found a vessel which according to sensor reports was an outdated freighter. However the Gemini’s crew were able to detect a gravitational displacement that corresponded to a Defiant class starship instead of a freighter. The crew knew that meant only one thing: they had found the USS Spartan.

Commander Frost wasted no time before hailing the Spartan and asking for Clarkson to stand down and turn himself in for his crimes. Clarkson refused, thinking that his reasons for his actions were wholly and justifiably right, though members of his own crew started to think otherwise.

“Captain Clarkson, by order of Starfleet Command, I am hereby placing you under arrest for treason. You have thirty seconds to lower your shields and surrender your vessel, or I will be forced to open fire and take it by force,” Frost was reported to have said to the rogue captain. “If you surrender without a fight, I’ll make sure to tell your court martial that you cooperated. Your thirty seconds start as of the end of this sentence.”

Kate Mulgrew Pens Autobiography

Born with Teeth: A Memoir by Kate Mulgrew will be released April 14th. The 320-page book chronicles Mulgrew’s fascinating personal life as well as her longstanding acting career. The actress who is now most famous for her roles as Captain Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager and Red in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black will be embarking on a nine stop book tour to promote the release of her memoir. Tour dates and the book’s official description after the jump. 

Detailing her upbringing in an Irish-American home and the early struggles of her professional pursuits, Born with Teeth shows a whole new side of Mulgrew to those who only know her from her work. The book travels through heartbreak as well as triumph and promises many full laughs along the way.

Born with Teeth is currently available for pre-order and will be released in hardcover as well as Kindle e-book format. And for fans hoping to hear the story from Kate herself, Mulgrew has recorded the audiobook version of her memoirs which will release the same day.

Official description:

Raised by unconventional Irish Catholics who knew “how to drink, how to dance, how to talk, and how to stir up the devil,” Kate Mulgrew grew up with poetry and drama in her bones. But in her mother, a would-be artist burdened by the endless arrival of new babies, young Kate saw the consequences of a dream deferred. Determined to pursue her own no matter the cost, at 18 she left her small Midwestern town for New York, where, studying with the legendary Stella Adler, she learned the lesson that would define her as an actress: “Use it,” Adler told her. Whatever disappointment, pain, or anger life throws in your path, channel it into the work.

Submit your nominations for next month’s Featured Bio!

Have you come across a great character biography on the wiki? Been working on your own bio for a while now and want to show it off to the fleet? Then head on over to the Featured Bio Contest’s forum and submit a nomination! All that’s required is that the bio be of an active, player character such as Liani of the USS Apollo-A, who is this month’s Featured Bio.

You can see a list of previous winners and featured nominees at the contest’s wiki site as well as an overview of the judging criteria the Featured Bio Contest Team uses to vote for a winner.

The nomination round closes Wednesday, April 1, so don’t delay! Submit your nomination today!

Poll of the Week: Happy Birthday Bill!

What a spectacular week it has been thus far! We here at Poll of the Week got drunk on green beer at the St. Patrick’s day parade on Sunday, while at the same time we were able to celebrate the 84th birthday of William Shatner!

So as I sit and write this, still attempting to sober up literally a block away from where the man who brought Captain Kirk to life attended high school here in Montreal, this week’s Poll of the Week will focus on the actor William Shatner himself. What do you think was his best role outside of playing Captain Kirk on Star Trek? Was it Bob Wilson in the Twilight Zone episode Nightmare at 20,000 Feet in 1963 or how about his portrayal as T.J. Hooker from 1982 to 1986? Or maybe it was Bill being The Big Giant Head in 3rd Rock from the Sun that was your favorite. Or maybe it was Denny Crane on The Practice and then Boston Legal. You may choose amongst these or add your own if you wish as the list can go on for quite a bit. Or maybe you just liked him best as Captain Kirk?

So head on over to the polls and vote away people and please don’t be afraid to voice the reasons why you think William Shatner’s best role, besides playing Captain Kirk on Star Trek, was ????? !

Photograph credit:, copyright 2009.

Is the Dominion back? USS Apollo investigates freighter attack

AZURE NEBULA — After investigating who attacked the Klingon freighter IKS Vut’Cha, the USS Apollo-A comes to shocking results and is called back immediately.

The USS Apollo (NCC-71669-A) had followed a distress call to the Klingon freighter IKS Vut’Cha, which had been disabled by an unknown attacker. Following in-depth research of the freighter’s sensor logs and making their own scans, the Tactical and Science Department came up with a few possibilities and more questions than answers.

Traces of polaron particles were found around the freighter, which hinted at the possibility of Borg or Dominion involvement. The Borg seemed an unlikely culprit given that the Klingon crew was still fully intact. The Dominion had not been around for a long time but could not be fully excluded. Another possible culprit was the Orion Syndicate, which had shown activity in the region not that long ago.

In addition, the scans revealed traces of cloaking technology that did not fit any known signatures. The stolen cargo of the Vut’Cha was trinucleic fungus, which could be broken up into the chemical constituents for several drugs, including Ketracel-white. Another possibility was that it could be used for other drugs or different reasons.

“Too many questions, not enough answers,” said Lieutenant Sinda Essen, Apollo’s Chief of Security. “The longer we take trying to sort the truth from the lies with the Klingons, the colder the trail gets. So far we have some solid suggestions that the Jem’Hadar are active again, but nothing to prove it.”

Plans changed, however, and the Apollo was called back to return to her own sector, the Typhon Expanse. The USS Gridley and the USS Cape Horn received the results of the investigations to conduct a search in the Azure nebula for the assailant instead.

State of the Federation Address, 2015

Our community constitution requires that the Executive Council inform the fleet, every year, of our accomplishments and where we’re going in the next year.

Thanks to Captain Nugra of the Victory, who helped compile this year’s address on behalf of the Executive Council, we’re finally ready to let everyone read the address.

You can find the 2015 State of the Federation Address on our wiki. Click here to read it now.

This year’s address talks about the challenges we faced last year as we recovered from a monumental change in Google’s rankings, and about the amazing beginning to 2015.

Many goals have been set for our taskforces, and we’re working on accountability measures to ensure we actually stick to our goals this year!

Take a read and then head to the forums to talk about it.

Top Sims Contest Round 11 now open

When was the last time you recognized a fellow simmer’s great writing? The Top Sims Contest is the perfect opportunity to show a friend and simming colleague that you value and appreciate their sims – and it only takes a moment to drop in a nomination!

Click here to submit a nomination to the Top Sims Contest.

Copy and paste the subject line of the sim into the subject of this new post, making sure that it includes the full character name of the writer. Then, select Round 11 in the drop-down box, and copy the entire sim into the body of the thread. And that’s all!

Submissions for Round 11 of 2015 close on Sunday, April 5.

And if you haven’t already, make sure you vote in the current run-off round, which gives you the opportunity to help send a sim to the final vote of 2015, where the Top Sim of the year is chosen! Click here to vote now.

USS Victory heavily damaged by anomaly near Luxis III; USS Thunder-A assists

LUXIS III, DURONIS SYSTEM — Federation starships had planned to assist science teams, but disaster struck the USS Victory.

The joint promotion ceremony of Rear Admiral Toni Turner and Captain Nugra on Duronis II was a nice celebration and diversion for the crew. Many took advantage to talk to old friends with the Embassy crew and start to make some new friendships. However, a mission came up for both ships. They were requested to assist scientific teams on Luxis III jointly.

The Laudeans needed a team to help install an environmental shield at their ground base while another team would be sent to investigate strange readings on the Lower plateau. Several of the USS Victory crew members were sent to the USS Thunder-A for a temporary swap of officers.

Sent to the Victory were Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker, Major Irina Pavlova, Lieutenant junior grade Aurora James and Lieutenant Commander Brayden Joey. To the Thunder-A was Lieutenant Commander Eerie, Commander Alucard Vess, Lieutenant junior grade Ayiana Sevo and Lieutenant junior grade Leland Bishop.

After a quick trip for both USS Victory and the USS Thunder-A, the Victory sent two away teams to Luxis III, one on the lower plateau and one to the outpost.

New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Ta’ev Fallah D’Hass, Savik Kalor and Theo Whittaker!

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