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Witty Wordsmith: Beyond Dialogue

“Dialogue isn’t just about the words on the page – it’s about the things that are not said. The space between the words. The silences that speak volumes. The subtext of what’s going on below and behind the words.” -BBC Writer’s Lab: Scriptwriting Essentials

The script format of StarBase 118’s posting style dovetails very naturally into dialogue. This can be a great writing tool, but it can also double edged sword. Dialogue is a great way to interact with other characters, but a post that is nothing but dialogue becomes bland and uninteresting to read.

Thunder on the beach and a new delivery

DURONIS II — The USS Thunder-A ushered in new life as the crew began shore leave.

The USS Thunder (NCC-70605-A) returned to Duronis for shore leave and brought aboard a new crew member with her. Lieutenant Commander Kamela Allison, wife of current First Officer Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Tiberious Parker, gave birth in the Thunder‘s Ready Room as the ship was making orbit. The child, a boy, was named Ryland Arthur Parker in honor of Captain Ryland Parker, formerly of the USS Sitak killed during the Dominion War, and Arthur Allison, curator of the Starfleet Museum, lost during the Breen attack on San Francisco.

Mother and son are doing well, but the same cannot be said for the ready room doors which were somehow damaged as the First Officer tried to gain entry to be with his laboring wife.

“I’ve never seen anything like that… and he wasn’t even angry,” said Petty Officer Shayne Reynolds. “I’ve heard the First Officer was freaky strong but had never seen it…until now. No wonder his fighter callsign is Beast!”

The Thunder crew took to the beach for some well-deserved shore leave time where the crew put on an impromptu concert and fish fry. Several members of the crew, including Rear Admiral Toni Turner, took to the stage to display their musical talents and vocal abilities, which were well-received by the audience.

When asked by this reporter what is next in store for the Thunder crew, new father and First Officer Lt. Cmdr. Hannibal Tiberious Parker said, “Wherever they send us, we’ll be ready.”

Submit your nominations for this month’s Featured Bio Contest!

Have you come across a great character biography on the wiki? Been working on your own bio for a while now and want to show it off to the fleet?

Then head on over to the Featured Bio Contest’s forum and submit a nomination! All that’s required is that the bio be of an active, player character such as Anen Sonbef of the USS Excalibur-A, who is this month’s Featured Bio.

You can see a list of previous winners and featured nominees at the contest’s wiki site as well as an overview of the judging criteria the Featured Bio Contest Team uses to vote for a winner.

The nomination round closes Friday, May 1, so don’t delay! Submit your nomination today!

Fugutive criminals on the run from the USS Apollo-A

SARIUS III — The USS Apollo-A has been tasked with the retrieval of three convicts who disabled and broke out of a high security penal facility.

“The prisoners, the human Jonathan Flint, a Zakdorn Virn Dakrevi, and a Romulan called VeeVee, stole an Arrow class runabout to get away,” said Deputy Director Franklin Curing of Federation Security at a press conference earlier this week, relaying information from Sarius officials.

Flint, a dishonourably discharged Starfleet Commander, VeeVee, an explosives expert, and Dakrevi, a killer and social chameleon known for changing her faces according to her needs, are classified as highly dangerous.

The USS Apollo (NCC-71669-A) had been on its way to the Typhon Expanse when the crew was informed that three criminals disabled and escaped from the high security penal facility on Sarius III. The Apollo crew began the hunt right away. They researched the prisoners files, their abilities, and put together a profile to anticipate their next steps, while they followed the unique warp signature to find the trio.

The Apollo crew ended up finding only the engine section of the runabout that apparently had been disconnected from the rest of the craft. Only thanks to an automated emergency signal sent by Dakrevi herself was it possible to find the rest of the ship not that long after. Upon retrieval of the passengers of the runabouts, they found two of them dead and Dakrevi close to dead herself.

Dakrevi has been revived and is stable at the moment, to a point that she can be interrogated. Meanwhile, deep scans of the corpses, visually identified as Flint and VeeVee, exposed fraud. The bodies of two unknown people had been changed to look like the missing criminals, a realisation that sends the crew on a wild goose chase to find them.

There are hopes that Dakrevi is willing to help the Apollo crew find them as her emergency signal has revealed a message recorded by her that informed anyone who would listen of a planned deception of Flint and VeeVee.

“I’ve recorded my conversations with VeeVee and Flint,” states Dakrevi in the recording. “They aren’t dead. They are on a freighter. They are criminals that need to be captured soon.”

The plan may have delayed the Apollo crew has only made them more determined to find the fugitives.

Poll of the Week: The Outsiders

As I am sure we are all aware by now, our favorite television shows and movies that portray life in the Star Trek universe revolve around those who work in Starfleet, the space navy of the future. Most of the characters we have watched are involved in one form or another directly in the space naval military culture of whatever era of the Star Trek universe we happen to be watching that day. But not all.

Except for The Original Series, there are also many civilians who were regulars on the other incarnations of the Star Trek television episodes. For example, in Enterprise we were introduced to Doctor Phlox, who was not a member of Starfleet at that time. In The Next Generation, we are immediately introduced to the boy-wonder Wesley Crusher, who eventually became a Starfleet officer at a really early age based on several factors which I personally have a lot of issues with to begin with, but which can be held out for another debate. In Deep Space 9 we have a much larger group of civilians running around, and who can forget the civilians on board Voyager starting with Neelix and Kes?

So that brings us to this week’s Poll of the Week question: Who are your favorite non-Starfleet officers in the Star Trek universe? I have left the door open to multiple responses, so head on over to the polls and go ahead and vote away and tell us why you chose the way you did and if there is anyone you wish to add to the list, let us know!

USS Gemini and crew missing In action

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — After quickly departing Deep Space 10, the USS Gemini has gone silent, presumed missing in action, while en route to the crisis at Prometheus Station.

After handing the crew of the USS Spartan over to the care and safekeeping of Deep Space 10, the crew of the USS Gemini (NCC-80564) were quickly recalled to duty. It seemed that there was some kind of incident on Prometheus Station in the Piktar System that caused the station to go silent. After being assigned to Task Force Silver under the command of Commodore Heather Westhaven, the USS Gemini was ordered to investigate and reestablish contact with the station.

Wasting no time at all, Commander Liam Frost ordered the crew of the Gemini to activate the quantum slipstream drive in an effort to make the best possible speed to the station. That night, during the Gamma shift, Lt. Commander Alexander Richards ordered the bridge crew to run a tactical simulation. While the bridge crew was focused on completing the simulation, the Gemini stumbled upon something in space.

Whatever it was that the Gemini encountered, it wreaked havoc across the ship, causing the loss of both main power as well as emergency power. The Gemini was for all intents and purposes dead in space. With the senior staff scattered across the shift, the crew found themselves in a peculiar situation. They needed to find a way to restore power; however, that was easier said than done. A starship without power could easily be compared with a prison. It was hard to move around and even harder to get anything done.

“While we cannot discuss the details of the USS Gemini’s mission or their destination, we can confirm one thing: Starfleet Command has lost all contact with the ship and crew,” said Captain Thrib ch’Vahi at Starfleet Command. “At this time, the Gemini is considered missing in action.”

New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Ronan Alekos!

USS Atlantis rescues away team from planet being torn apart

PIKTAR I — An away team from the USS Atlantis arrived at Outpost Bravo to discover a bio-engineered woman wreaking havoc on the surface of Piktar I.

The away team from the Atlantis reached the research station via the aeroshuttle Tiger Shark. Outpost Bravo is linked to Prometheus Station, which had recently suffered a catastrophic event. The remaining crew on the Atlantis conducted repairs on the ship.

Upon arrival to Outpost Bravo, the away team discovered that Piktar I had suffered a catastrophic earthquake that created an 800 meter chasm surrounding the remains of the outpost. The away team from Atlantis was unaffected due to not being within the outpost at the time. The away team was then split into two, one led by Lt. Cmdr. Rendall Rennyn and the other by Lt. Cmdr. Tracey Townson.

Rennyn’s team was instructed to take the Tiger Shark into the chasm to attempt a rescue of any scientists that may still have been alive, while Townson’s team entered the remains of the outpost to do the same. Aftershocks led to injuries sustained by Lt. JG Adam Hasse, who was assisted back to health with the help of both Lt. JG Zinna and Lt. Daro Conti.

Meanwhile, two Breen vessels stayed in orbit around Piktar I and for the most part were quiet but kept everyone on edge, as the crew who remained on Atlantis performed the finishing touches of their repairs. Once complete, the Atlantis continued to Piktar I to rendezvous with the away team.

Rennyn’s team discovered an intact secret underground research facility that appeared to be conducting advanced and illegal bio-engineering experiments. The team further found that experiments were being conducted on at least one human female. The human female in question appeared to be able to control the icy elements of her environment and clearly stated she was the one responsible for the earthquakes.

The bio-engineered woman, known as Elsa, became disheartened when she learned of the inadvertent damage she had caused and more earthquakes started up on the surface and also in the underground facility, which began to get cold and become overrun with ice. It was at that moment, after Elsa demanded all leave lest she hurt another, that the Atlantis arrived at Piktar I and slipped past the Breen ships in orbit and rescued all who were left on the planet.

“Bio-engineering is against the laws of the Federation,” said Dr. Nathalya Ferreira, director of the Federation Science Council “While we are profoundly grateful for the rescue of the scientists, we will pursue those responsible.”

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If we want to launch new ships, we have to grow our fleet with new members. That’s why it’s so important that our community members participate in our publicity efforts.

Getting involved is easy only takes a few moments. The Publicity Team has a number of small tasks that, each month, can help grow our influence, spread the word about our group, and pique the interest of Star Trek writers around the net. From posting on Star Trek forums to gathering social media content, most of our tasks don’t require any particular expertise, and can be completed by anyone in 15-30 minutes. But if we don’t have enough people to help each month, our goals fall short and it’s hard to sustain recruiting levels to the point of replacing the folks who go on leave or retire from the group.

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USS Constitution caught in temporal rift

PITKAR SYSTEM — While attempting to rescues the missing USS Thomas Edison, the USS Constitution crew made some troubling discoveries and found themselves trapped in a temporal rift.

Following the hostage situation on Deep Space 285, the crew of USS Constitution-B was given little time to relax as Starfleet Command informed them that they would be part of a task force that was being sent to the Piktar System to investigate strange happenings with the Prometheus Station and the disappearance of the USS Thomas Edison.

The Constitution sped to the remote system, hoping to offer its assistance. However, upon arrival to the scene, it was determined that the Thomas Edison, and subsequently the Constitution, had become trapped in some sort of temporal rift. The ship wasn’t responsive to hails or communications, but eventually three of the Thomas Edison’s crew – Doctor Lilavati Chandur, Ensign Eleni Kostas and Master-at-Arms Scott Rand – were able to make contact with the Constitution.

Two away teams were sent over, one to rescue the survivors who were holed up in Main Engineering and the other to investigate what had happened to the ship. Upon arrival, the away teams learned that the majority of the Thomas Edison’s crew had become infected with some sort of virus that reverted their DNA back to some pre-evolved state, almost like primates. These infected crew were extremely violent, forcing one away team to seek shelter in Engineering with the Thomas Edison survivors and attacking the other team in the process.

Meanwhile on the Constitution, the effects of the temporal rift became more apparent. Certain members of the crew experienced momentary reversions in their genetic structure. Others had visions of an alternate dimension.

“I saw myself die.” said Chief Petty Officer Aemilia Agrippina. “Let me tell you, no being should see Hades’s will for them before time. Extremely unsettling.”

Commander Faranster worked with his remaining officers to battle these “temporal bubbles” and maintain the stability of the Constitution. When the two away teams were beamed back, the one led by Lieutenant Commander Siris, who was experiencing some sort of several mental degradation, was transported directly to sickbay, while the other team, led by Lieutenant Commander Udas himself, beamed to the science lab, with the Thomas Edison survivors, to begin working on a cure in an attempt to save the failing Thomas Edison. The bridge crew continued to battle the random temporal bubbles bombarding the ship. These temporal shifts caused serious damage to the ships and resulted in the failure of multiple systems.

It was determined that the Thomas Edison had been infected when they encountered a Starfleet officer from an alternate timeline who had been infected by the virus. When the Thomas Edison had rescued the man, he spread the sickness quickly through the ship. While questions remained around the motive for infecting the ship, the Constitution and her crew worked to save the Thomas Edison, but she was sucked back into a separate temporal rift and lost forever.

“The survivors from the USS Thomas Edison are grieving the loss of their colleagues, they are not available for comment. Aside from that, the most interesting thing to hear about down here in sickbay, is an allergic reaction to felines,” said Nurse Philippa Long of the Constitution.

Faranster, seeing the power and unpredictability of these rifts, ordered the Constitution to return to Deep Space 10, bringing the uninfected Thomas Edison crew and a very exhausted, but cohesive, Constitution crew back to safety.

“While we mourn the loss of a ship and crew, we are extremely grateful for the return of whomever could be rescued. We are investigating all of the files and data gathered by both crews, and plan to release more information after we have notified the next of kin,” said Starfleet Public Affairs officer Commander A.J. Ciaravolo in San Francisco.

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