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Colony leader claims diplomatic immunity in arson murders

PERNIPIA GAMMA IV — The leader of the Pernipia Gamma IV colony has claimed diplomatic immunity as an ambassador in response to allegations that he and his assistant are responsible for the arson fire that killed two colonists aboard a Starfleet vessel.

After an investigation by the crew of the USS Columbia, Robert Carson and his personal assistant Gerard have been connected to the fire aboard the Columbia that killed Aiden Richardson and his fiancée Kate Stone. However, when security officer Lt. Tyler Kelly went to arrest the two, Carson announced that he and his accomplice were protected by diplomatic immunity.

“It means that no matter what proof you might think you have, it is worthless,” said Carson to the security officer. “I have diplomatic immunity, lieutenant. I am Ambassador-at-Large for the Son’a Solidarity.”

According to legal experts, Carson may have a legitimate claim.

“The rules regarding diplomatic immunity are pretty clear,” explained Starfleet JAG officer Lieutenant Sean Naughton. “The highest levels of diplomatic office such as ambassadors have full immunity, as do their deputies and families. That means an ambassador can commit nearly any crime—from littering to murder—and still be immune from prosecution. He cannot be arrested or forced to testify in court.”

If Carson’s credentials are authentic, the Federation would be left with limited options. The simplest solution would be for the Federation Council to formally ask the Son’a Solidarity to waive Carson’s diplomatic immunity. Though there has been the occasional exception for a particularly heinous crime, such waivers are rarely granted. Another possibility is that Carson could be declared persona non grata and sent back to the Son’a. The Son’a Solidarity could then take up the case through their own channels.

“While it can be hard to understand, we have to remember that diplomatic immunity serves an important purpose,” added Naughton. “It protects our own diplomatic officers in their dealings with other powers. Otherwise, a foreign government could attempt to harass or even falsely prosecute our officials in an attempt to coerce the Federation.”

To better understand the situation, Lt. Kelly, Lt. Cmdr. Sal Taybrim and Counselor Riverview interviewed Carson further, but this led to some hostility as Riverview insisted on being able to talk to Carson alone.

Meanwhile, science officers Lt. James Kolk and Ens. Esme Drake, aided by Ens. Ian Connory and Doctor Drake, worked relentlessly to prepare the first expedition to Pernipia, and an away team was sent to the planet. Led by Lt. Cmdr. Brek, the team was accompanied by Mirielle Danvers, a colony leader.

During the team’s survey, Brek fell into a cave, where he discovered kelbonite, along with aggressive spiders. After rescuing the Ferengi, the team’s return to camp was compromised when Danvers informed them that she had seen a man in the shadows of the cave.

As the Columbia’s engineers Lt. Cmdr. Kael Thomas and Ens. Aaron Locke worked on improving the systems of the mission pod, an approaching ship was detected and unresponsive to hails. Complicating matters, disruptive signals emitted by the unknown ship have caused the Columbia to lose contact with the away team.

The vessel has now been identified as a Vor’cha class attack cruiser captained by a Ferengi named Fok, an ally of Carson.

New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Ilyazi Malon, Diego Beyett, and Ceciri Ariadust!

Recast the Captain, TOS Edition!

This week’s poll begins another series of polls, this one on the topic of alternate leadership.

In the Original Series, the powerhouse acting of William Shatner as James T. Kirk, Captain of the Starship Enterprise, was dominating. It affected everything about the series and there are few scenes that Kirk himself doesn’t appear in. What, however, would the series have been like without his lead from the front, machoman, jump on the hood and hang on style of leadership? If, say, Spock had been in the chair, would that have made a difference? What about Scotty instead? What would’ve happened had someone more sedate, say Uhura, had been the commanding officer of the good ship Enterprise instead? This is your chance to correct Roddenberry’s “mistake” and imagine your favorite cast member at the head of the crew.

Here’s a list of the cast members to choose from. Pick your favorite and tell us why!

Image by ochopanteras.

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Starfleet investigates disappearance of a second starship in the Borderlands

ARCHANIS SYSTEM — A Starfleet vessel has gone missing in the volatile region along Klingon space known as the Borderlands.

The USS Spartan, a Defiant class escort, was undergoing propulsion trials when it went missing last month near the Archanis system. Although no connection has yet been made between the Spartan’s disappearance and the disappearance of the USS Hermes earlier this year in the same region, anonymous sources point to some troubling parallels. The Hermes was eventually found by the USS Gemini, having been overtaken by a rogue Klingon, Commander Koval. The FNS has learned that a Klingon bird-of-prey has also gone missing not far from the Spartan‘s last known position.

“I have no comment on that,” said Starfleet Public Affairs officer Commander A.J. Ciaravolo in San Francisco. “Rest assured that Starfleet Command is investigating all possibilities, including reaching out to our Klingon allies for assistance.”

The USS Gemini has been dispatched from Deep Space 224 to locate the Spartan. Just a few weeks prior, Commander Liam Frost had held a memorial service for Lt. JG Vanessa Driscoll, and the crew was finally able to get some rest at the station. The Gemini also picked up new crew members and worked on routine maintenance. Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Richards left the Gemini to take a sabbatical, leaving the science department in Lt. JG Loleh Rejock’s hands. As the Gemini embarks on its mission, questions have now been turned to the Spartan and her crew.

The Spartan’s commanding officer Captain Jeremy Clarkson is a veteran officer with nearly thirty years experience. Hailing from Earth, Clarkson has had a somewhat mixed career with his personnel file boasting both a number of commendations and reprimands, and he was at one point threatened with disciplinary measures putting his commission in jeopardy. When asked about the possibility of a Starfleet captain having gone rogue, Commander Ciaravolo was quick to dismiss the suggestions.

“Frankly, I think that’s a bit unfair to Captain Clarkson and his crew. I know the media is eager to find the next Harrison Ross out there,” said Ciaravolo, referring to the Starfleet commander who abandoned his ship the USS Garuda in an apparent act of treason on stardate 239106.11. “Until some new information is brought to light, we’re focussed right now on just finding the Spartan and making sure her crew is safe.”

Promotions for November, 2014

The staff of UFOP: StarBase 118 would like to take a moment and recognize the officers – please be sure to congratulate these folks when you see them in the corridors of your vessel!


  • Ayiana Sevo to Lieutenant JG
  • Rocko Stevens to Lieutenant JG
  • Talia Kaji to Lieutenant

Leland Bishop & Della Vetri Are Writing Challenge Runners-Up

Many congratulations to the writers behind Ensign Leland Bishop and Ambassador Della Vetri! These writers’ stories were selected by the judges from the September & October Writing Challenge, “Run Shivers Down My Spine,” as co-runners-up, a very unusual honor indeed! Their stories — “The Last Night on Lookout” and “The Touch of the Sleeper,” respectively — stood out for a variety of reasons. I’ll let the judges’ comments speak for themselves! In response to “The Last Night on Lookout,”

The morbid images, crafted so subtly by the author, are what stuck with me: Whether it’s the final sentence of the opening paragraph that so wonderfully plays with language and image (“choking … on Lookout”) or it’s the final line (“How sad it was that the poor man beneath him hadn’t had time to shave”), this story refuses to sit down quietly and instead forces the reader to consider it head-on. That’s really a fancy way of saying that I was hooked…!

In response to “The Touch of the Sleeper,”

This is a solid story, a double-braid that considers two archaeotechnology specialists on the one hand and their subject on the other. Perhaps it’s the theme or the time of year, but I saw this as a nice riff on Frankenstein’s basic territory, and it was a pleasant little riff! There’s a good escalation of tension throughout the piece, and it’s handled well: I felt the sort of full-body realization of my heartbeat that means that what I’m reading is doing a good job of scaring me — or at least signaling to me that it’s about to do so.

Well done, you two! Please offer these talented writers your congratulations if you haven’t done so already!

The year’s final Challenge, “Love & Betrayal,” is currently ongoing and will end on Friday, December 26th, so be sure to hurry over to the Writing Challenge Forum for guidelines, deadlines, and inspiration!

As always, don’t forget that you can pick up a complete collection of all this round’s short stories, in PDF format, for free. Get yours here!

November 2014 Post Totals

As part of an ongoing overview of the whole fleet, we’d like to present for you the posting totals and simming trends for and through October. These number will give you some idea of how active our ships are month-to-month, as well as how the whole fleet is doing.

November saw some great gains for many ships of the SB118 fleet, including the Atlantis, which was up to 319 sims from 225 in October, and the Apollo, up to 177 from 113. Columbia and Victory also saw gains, while Constitution and the Duronis II Embassy stayed around their previous posting levels. The Garuda, after its stellar October, returned to high-normal posting levels, at 230. Overall, November was a gain for the fleet over October, for our second month in a row of a trend of growth.

chart 12 3 November 2014 Post Totals

As you’ll see below, the fleet is also doing much better than at the same time last year. While 2013 had been outperforming 2014 since July, November reversed that trend and gave 2014 and almost 40-sim-average boost over 2013. Well done, everyone! Let’s see if we can keep that momentum going into the final month of the year!

chart 4 3 November 2014 Post Totalschart 2 1 November 2014 Post Totals

New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Thomas Kody Janeway and Antoinette De Salvo Nel Lupo!

Federation ambassador rescued from Petainia rebels

PERTAINIA PRIME — Ambassador Craig Walters, the Federation ambassador to Pertainia Prime, has been recovered safely by Starfleet personnel in an elaborate operation after a coup d’etat on the planet.

“The ambassador is safe and in good health,” Secretary Haros Chenta of the Federation Security Council told reporters earlier this morning. “The Security Council will be meeting with the President later today to discuss the evolving situation on Pertainia, and I’ll have more information at that time. For now, I’d just like to commend the actions of the crew of the USS Apollo for the extraordinary work they’ve done.”

The operational report released by Starfleet Command paints a dramatic picture of the rescue. The crew of the USS Apollo-A were having difficulty contacting their away teams on Pertainia Prime. Lt. Cmdr. Luna Walker, who had been placed under house arrest for insubordination, was consulted to find a way to open communications to the teams, which she found by bouncing off the signal of a shuttle close to a pole of the planet. With that plan the bridge crew, lead by Lieutenant Rune Jolara, was able to contact the away team around Lt. Cmdr. Akeelah D’Sena. With communications restored, the two away teams led by Lt. Cmdr. D’Sena and Captain William Rogers were able to make further arrangements.

Captain Rogers’s team split, leaving a small group outside the Embassy to take care of injured natives. Rogers and Ensign Sabina Tiam headed into the Embassy to find Ambassador Craig Walters, who according to an injured guard, was with the rebels.

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