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Donate today to help pay for our convention table

Coming up in December, we’ll be hosting a table at Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek convention in San Francisco, where Kate Mulgrew, George Takei, and a number of other stars will be appearing. Our goal is to recruit new members and help grow our fleet.

Our table is costing $250 plus a small fee for electricity (we’ll have a number of computers at the table for people to review our website and check out our sims), so we need to raise some funds to help cover the cost. Many thanks to Ian Lane West and Nugra, who have both already contributed to get our fund started.

Can you pitch in $5, $15, or $50 to help us hit the fundraising goal for our table at the Star Trek convention? Click here to donate securely via PayPal.

We never see your credit card information as the payment will be processed entirely by PayPal on their site. Donors get a special forum badge, and our sincere thanks for helping meet the goal. These publicity efforts will help us reach a new audience of fans and spread the word about our community!

Sexism in simming

“What happens In Character stays In Character.” It’s a nice thought, but it isn’t always true and using that defense as a shield can have harmful effects on our other players.

Unlike normal fiction, the characters in our universe are represented by real people who can be hurt when sexism and other forms of discrimination are used callously toward characters, or in a way that creates a hostile simming environment. That’s why it’s so important that everyone understand what sexism is, how it can affect others, and how we can sim in interesting and dramatic ways which are sensitive and considerate to other players.

Our Captains Council has drafted a new tutorial, which can be found in the Tutorial Library, that defines and explains sexism, demonstrates it is manifested harmfully in simming, and how you can avoid it while still using discrimination In Character for dramatic purpose.

Please take a few minutes to read the tutorial by clicking here.

We’ve also opened a thread on the forums to discuss this tutorial. Head over and join the discussion now!

Top Sims Contest: Round 26

The Top Sims Contest is now accepting nominations for Round 26 of 2014. Every day, your crew mates write the kinds of sims that make our community one of the greatest of it’s kind. Making sure they get the recognition they deserve is easy, and only takes a minute:

1. Visit the Top Sims Contest forum.
2. Start a new topic and paste the sim into the text field.

Nominating a sim is as easy as enjoying it, so don’t hold back. Each sim will go to our judges panel to determine which one goes to the next run-off round. One of the sims you read today could be the Top Sim of 2014, but only if you take the time to nominate it.

And be on the look out for the next run-off round, where you can decide which sim goes on to the final run off to determine the best sim of 2014.

The Epic Moments of Star Trek: Voyager

This week’s poll of the week is focused on the intrepid (pun intended, hah!) little ship of the fleet, Voyager, the little ship that could.

While Voyager was far from the biggest ship in the fleet, she was one of the most advanced and interesting ones around. The ship was thrown to the other side of the galaxy and stranded, all alone with no hope of resupply, and left to trek 70,000 light years to get home. Exploration, enemies and ethics all played parts in this series, as with any other, and seven seasons worth of them added up to a good number of strong moments that made us think not only about the characters but about our own situations.

Here are a few of my favorite moments. I know there’s many more than these, but, if yours aren’t on the list, come add them to the discussion!

Help with Publicity: Submit a testimonial

Each month, the Publicity Team posts an easy task you can do to help with our community’s publicity efforts, which are incredibly important in growing our fleet, keeping ships stocked with new members, and ensuring the longevity of our group.

Last month, we asked you to post on the TrekBBS forums to help spread the word about our community by adding our link to your signature on that site, and increasing the number of links to our site.

This month, we need your glowing review of our community! More information and the form, after you click “Read more.”

On Writing Romantic Relationships

Editor’s note: This article first appeared as a post in the thread “Fellow crew member or PNPC?” on the Lambda Alliance forum. All credit for its content goes to the writer behind Lieutenant JG Eileen McClaren. Thank you for letting us repost it as a Writer’s Workshop article! As the thread title suggests, this is the writer’s take on writing a romantic relationship with another writer’s PC or PNPC versus creating a PNPC yourself for your character to engage in a relationship with.

For me, as a writer, it’s important to be eye-to-eye with whoever you’re collaborating with in regards to sharing the emotional narrative of a romantic relationship between characters. I’ve done it a few times before and aside from one it’s been a pleasurable and mutually engaging exercise, adding a level of complexity to the creative process, the depth of the characters overall, and provides me (and the other writer as well, hopefully, of course) the opportunity of experiencing our characters in a slightly more substantive level.

That said, making sure you’re at that point (eye-to-eye) with other writer(s) has always been key to me to assure that while I’m not trying to wrest control of the overall arc, that the arc of the relationship (whether or not it’s meant to be one that’s casual or more devoted) does have direction, progression and inertia. In other words, it takes a little bit of effort…just as relationships do. That it’s organic and not simply something being accepted by rote. (People aren’t always blissfully happy or defensive, etc.) That the evolution of the character’s experience is likewise organic, as well. (People…unless with rationally understandable cause… don’t have usually have violent and dramatic personality shifts, going from expressive to unemotive in 0.0002 seconds, etc.) Personally, I’m from the school of stream-of-consciousness writing that embraces the unplanned for but dislikes the idea of drama for drama’s own sake. Someone else might be the sort of writer that plans an arc out with an annotated outline, having very specific goals for their character’s growth and development. It’s a balancing act that mirrors, I think, the pattern in which the most stable actual relationships we have fall into. Knowing what’s expected or desired for/from one’s own character, voicing it clearly, and having empathy for the same in another’s creative expression. We get as much as we give in the creation and “life” of these beings and that should be respected by all involved parties.

Please drop by the forums if you’d like to add your thoughts to the ongoing discussion!

Victory plot summary for September

The USS Victory NCC-362447 has found itself engaged in operations against the Hunger that have been using a Yeltan teleport gate to infiltrate the galaxy. The Victory used an old slipstream corridor from Dagaro to the Duronis System, to find the gate and a small Hunger ship. Before the crew could prepare for a proper reaction, Captain Sundassa Faranster beamed her team aboard to set explosives, forcing Commander Nugra to send Lieutenant Commander Eerie and his away team to support them. Now, engaged in a struggle with a vastly superior foe, the Victory must survive long enough to recover their team and make their escape.

Featured Bio Contest Winner: Tarsii Asmara

The son of an enhanced Angosian war veteran and a psychotherapist, science officer Tarsii Asmara was born with genetic instabilities and overly aggressive behavior that nearly threatened his life. Fortunately, when he was seven, it was discovered that the implantation of a special chip into his brain would allow Tarsii to suppress his aggression and restore the physiochemical balance of his body. The treatment was successful but wasn’t without its side effects, two of which were the loss of all body hair and accelerated aging. Because of this, when he graduated from Starfleet Academy, he appeared to be nearly double his actual age of 24 at the time.

Congratulations to Lieutenant JG Asmara! His bio will be displayed on the wiki’s front page during the month of October. Our Featured Nominee this month is Doctor Sundassa of the USS Apollo-A.

As always, you can find out more about the contest at its wiki page or in its forum. The next round is now open, so be sure to drop by and submit your nominations today!

Embassy plot summary for September

After the harrowing experience of the Zalkonian mission, the crew of USS Thunder, NCC-70605-A looked forward to the marriage of Ambassador Della Vetri and Lieutenant Commander T’Lea on Trill, followed by shore leave on Ba’ku. The crew is using the travel time between Starbase 185 and Trill to get to know their two new ensigns, and the crew received well earned awards for their work on the Zalkonian mission. The crew is also using the travel time to explore their own personal pursuits.

New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: T’Var Helling, S’laa, and Leland Bishop!

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