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September Plot Summary for the USS Apollo

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 managed to stumble across an Iconian Gateway on an empty planet. The senior staff took the opportunity to explore the other side of the gate before following the mandate to shut it down. As they emerged on the other side, it was not clear where the planet was located. But the inhabitants of the planet believe the crew of the Apollo to be their gods coming to collect their offering. Splitting up, the crew noticed that the level of technology the people of the planet Eridea should have, and what they did have were vastly different. They had advanced technology to help in growing crops, and quite a bit of mining technology.

With the various teams looking at different aspects of life, it was discovered that the mines housed a natural occurrence of latinum and they were forced to mine it. Those some mines were filled with radiation and it was slowly killing off those that worked in the mine. The crew put a plan in place to cure the people of Eridea and shut down the mines once and for all. The only problem was that the gods were due to return before the crew could be complete in righting the atrocities on the planet.

USS Drake Plot Summary for August

Separated into three different teams, the crew are tested like never before, forced to trust criminals with their very lives. After a successful cat and mouse setup, the Leviathan crew, led by Lt. Colonel Whale, baits a combatant ship into the deadly Thunderhead Reach. Taking a shuttle, the crew attaches to the bulkhead of the ship and cut their way inside. A grenade attack severely injures Dr. Vex, but Lt. James manages to download blueprints of a dilithium facility that looks like the likely target of the planned attack on the Federation.

In Port Royale, Captain Rogers team is further split apart. A fight ensues when guards attempt to arrest one team, and Captain Rogers escapes with the Gorn, Krogg. Solok is captured and imprisoned below the bustling port city. LCMD Reed’s team ends up in a slight scrape when their ship captain, Juhani, is corralled by Port Royale security. They escape and regroup with Captain Rogers and Krogg, and Pandora decrypts data describing a deadly weapon of mass destruction. As more guards arrive, the crew have no choice but to head down into the sewers while Krogg creates a diversion. Realizing the sewer is a prison, they must fight their way past prison guards to rescue Commander Solok.

Commander Weston leads a small crew on the cloaked ship, the SS Belle, following the Leviathan into the Reach. Coordinating intel and communications between all groups, Weston and Didrik Stennes must expose themselves to deadly radiation to aid their friends.

June for the USS Drake

Arriving at sb118 the crew of the USS Drake NCC 1987 dock to a hero’s welcome. Once news breaks of their actions in saving millions of Ishkarians from a temporal limbo and preserving the time line the crew are forced to endure cheering crowds and a gaggle of FNS reporters.

During the promotions ceremony the spectre of the DTI is raised once more when they are awarded the Defense of the Temporal Flow Service Ribbon. The potential internal politics of the situation is not lost on the crew.

In between the promotion ceremony and a celebratory dinner the crew were busy preparing for the DTI investigation. Ensign Washburn dusted off his Legal credentials in preparation to defend Captain Rogers while other members of the crew engaged in activities with varying degrees of legality. Ranging from losing computer records, creating false identities for the duplicate children saved from the alternate timeline and incapacitating then wiping the memory of overzealous reporters.
The crew are fortunate that the Drake is receiving high level support from somewhere within StarFleet and a blind eye is being cast over such misdemeanors.

However the lead DTI agent suspects that some form of preferential treatment is being applied to the Drake and begins to look for a way to place one of his own assets aboard the Drake.

Captain Rogers is left with the uneasy thought that the return of his old helmsman Didrik Stennes as a civilian observer may be more than it appears.

June for the USS Apollo

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669, was on Izar, home the Starfleet Tactical School, enjoying shore leave. They split up and all had different activities they were doing, including cliff diving, beach time, and tours of the Tactical School. In the evening, many of the junior officers retreated to a local pizza shop for dinner. At the same time, Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx and the senior officers were meeting for dinner in the hotel restaurant.

During their meal, members of the Galaran Resistance Front executed a plan to take hostages in the restaurant. Their goal was to shed light on the atrocities happening on their home world. Until now, the Federation has elected not to interfere with the planet, as they are not Federation members. With desperation fueling them, the hostage takers are using this act as a last resort to get outside help for their people.

With every officer ranked Lt. Commander and above being held hostage, it is up to the remaining officers of the Apollo to find a way to deal with the situation, without the help of the command staff. Negotiations are being led by Lieutenant Sundassa Faranster and her team, and only time will tell if they can save the lives of the civilians and their senior officers.

June for the USS Tiger – A

The USS Tiger-A is currently on course for the New France colony at warp 8. The ship has been requested by the Triceblessed to assist with an epidemic that is ranging out of control. While in route to New France, most of the crew assembled in the Tiger’s Den for a short party before arriving at their destination. It was at this time, that the crew was joined by Ensigns Azin and Mek. If not at the party, many found recreation in the holodeck suite such as Lieutenant T’Mihn. A curious budding relationship appears to be developing between Lieutenants Zerxes and Tagren as well.

As the ship continued toward its destination, it was struck by a gaseous anomaly that enveloped the ship. Primary energy systems were affected as the cloud seemed to be sucking the energy directly from the ship. Despite the drain, the ship was functional and appeared not to be in direct danger. The crew is currently investigating the strange hitchhiker while enroute.

June for Starbase 118 Ops

A Romulan fleet outside, reporters getting into everything, a freighter being repaired then exploding. Unfortunately, someone in the crew thought “At least it can’t get worse”.

Some of the crew, investigating the Astrolabe to help survivors and determine the reason, were exposed to the expired drug. A drug that when expired acts like a recreational hallucinogenic in humans. Combined with multiple secondary explosions, sickbay was busy. At the same time, the Astrolabe’s First Officer and crew met outside the ship to discuss mutiny. Ensign Mandany Rose, one of the station’s counselors, tried to keep things calm. Unfortunately, things escalated when the freighter’s Captain arrived. A fight broke out, ending when the freighter’s captain threatened Ensign MGia to talk to Captain Nicholotti. They met, and MGia was injured as she knocked the freighter captain out.

Returning to the Hub, Captain Nicholotti setup a meeting with one of the reporters on the station, who focused his conversation on Anya. Unwilling and unable to go beyond the statement that she was her sister, the reporter warned that the truth could only be kept away for so long.

Sending the reporter on his way, the briefing began. The astrolabe was looked at as sabotage, potentially Romulan. While the question remains, why has the Romulan fleet remained, uncloaked, and unaggressive for the last several hours? And what do they really want?!?

June for the Duronis II Embassy

When it came to the civil unrest on Duronis II, the situation for the crew of the USS Thunder NCC 70605-A had not improved. After the loss of Lt Cmdr Jaxon Mc Ghee and his team, the Thunder was able to re-locate them in an unusual place. They had successfully escaped their doomed shuttle by transporting on to one of the nearby Romulan warbirds. Though received with a surprised and suspicious crew, they were able to get to safe passage.

With their crewmembers safe, Lt Cmdr Nugra faced with another problem. A Laudean ship had suffered catastrophic failure of her engine and was now plummeting toward Lokesh city with deadly speed. If not for the timely rescue of Lt Cmdr Alucard Vess and Major Hannibal Parker aboard the runabout, they would not have been able to deflect the doomed ship into the sea.

Now with disaster averted and the crew coming home, they all might be able to get the much needed rest they have earned.

June for the USS Vigilant

The USS Vigilant has found an inhabited O class planet whilst exploring the Zeta Gelkis Region. Further investigation reveals that the native species live underwater in enormous biodomes and of the 7 detected only 5 are powered and populated.

Ruins on the surface and on submerged land suggest that the planets water level used to be significantly lower. It seems that the native species, the Asavii lived on the surface before building the biodomes and moving underwater.

June for the USS Discovery

While en route back to DS285, the Discovery receives a distress signal from a group of stranded religious monks on a pilgrimage to the abandoned desert planet Aurix II where two sacred artifacts are alleged to be located. The crew agrees to offer them transport to the planet, not knowing that the monks are part of a powerful ancient cult that seeks to sacrifice the Discovery and her crew in order to obtain the mysterious artifacts, which would ultimately open and stabilize a wormhole, the cult’s prophesied Gateway to a weapon of apocalyptic destruction. With telepathy and a hypnotizing chant, the monks seize control of the crew and ship, and transport the XO and a few other senior staff to the surface of the planet, forcing them to look for the artifacts, while holding the Captain – and his three returning children – hostage aboard the Discovery. Will the crew of the Discovery find the artifacts in time? Will they hand it over to the religious zealots to save their Captain, of risk opening an unstable wormhole that will annihilate the entire Avalon sector? Follow the adventure to find out!

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