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In Command: Leo Handley-Page

Starbase 118 is made up of many promising writers and rising stars. Recently, one of those has been given his first command. You may have seen Leo-Handley Page in various places at SB118, and now you’ll see him in command of Starbase 118 itself. I fortunately had the honour of getting to know him a little better.

DeVeau: First off, would you mind telling us a little bit about your character.

Handley-Page: Leo Handley-Page started out as PNPC on my first ship, the USS Independence-A. He was initially intended to be a bit of comic relief to my more serious primary character of Eyas Wulfantine. However, over the following months and then years, he changed and became my favourite character to write for. His name and avatar underwent several re-modellings over the next three years until I finally settled on his current likeness. As for his in character backstory, he is the product of a brief extramarital affair between a Terran lady and a Byzallian politician at a conference. Leo grew up with his mother and adoptive father on Earth before being kidnapped by his biological father and taken to be indoctrinated on Byzatium. Leo escaped aged 18 and return to Earth. He joined Starfleet to give himself a career and escape the revenge of his father on Byzatium. Ever since then, Leo has had a roller-coaster career including two “In Character” court martials and several departmental roles on numerous ships. His is jovial and avuncular and tries to calm his crewmates with a joke and a tale of adventures past.

November for Starbase 118 Operations

When the storms impact it proves impossible to prevent them penetrating and attaching to the fusion reactors that supply power to the bases systems. During the impact to everyone’s horror a column of flame penetrates Strategic Operations apparently incinerating Lt Sinda.

This is only the beginning of a series of calamities and it soon becomes apparent that four elemental forces; Air, Water, Earth and Fire have taken up residence and chosen Avatars that are rapidly recruiting minions for a four way battle.

Chan the elemental of Air has a penchant for animating corpses and raises a force of zombies. She is blasted out into space while recruiting in the morgue and subsequently engaged by a fighter wing lead by Lt Washburn. Cinder the Fire elemental delights in setting things alight and moves around the station in Lt Sinda’s body causing mischief. Shale the Earth elemental takes possession of a marine and is involved in an ongoing battle with 2nd Lt Merek , Cmdr Weston and the remainder of the marine squad. Brine the Water elemental encounters Cmdr’s Aitmen and Pandora and surprisingly agrees to assist with taking down Chan.

Lt Richards , James and Ensign M’wash create a plan to sever the connection between the fusion generators and the avatars , thus reducing their power while herding them together at a location of the Captain’s choosing. Meanwhile Cmdr Daznia unwittingly comes into possession of an amulet which contains a fifth element and the key to controlling the other four elementals.