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Parlay your 2018 Awards Ceremony nominations into “Squiddie” nominations

Hopefully you had a chance to submit one or more nominations to our 2018 Awards Ceremony process? We’re currently working on determining this year’s award winners, and we’ll announce those at the ceremony that begins near the end of this month.

But before our ceremony begins, there’s an opportunity for you to put the nominations you wrote for our awards ceremony to more good use – nominating someone for a Squiddie Award! Also known as the “Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Roleplaying,” this independent awards process honors one each of simmers, simming games (like a ship or base), and clubs that exemplify the following characteristics:

  • Excellence in role playing: Outstanding role play or leadership performance far above and beyond the typical person, game, or club
  • Originality and innovation: Using a new technology or innovation or combining existing technologies together in a new way to elevate the role play adventure
  • Facilitating the community experience: Enhancing interaction, cooperation, and/or collaboration among role players to improve or advance the community

Our community, UFOP: SB118 Star Trek PBEM RPG, won a Squiddie for facilitating the community experience in 2016, and StarBase 118 Ops won the excellence in roleplaying category in 2013. There are lots of long-time members of our community who deserve this recognition, and any of our other ships or bases are still eligible for a win. What better time to submit that nomination than now, when so many of us have recently written out similar content for our own award ceremony?

Flashback Week Starts Today!

If you’re looking for something fun to do, and a competition to enter outside of Starbase 118 (and a part of the larger, RPG community), then consider taking part in the Ongoing World’s Flashback Week competition. A yearly event hosted by Ongoing Worlds, Flashback Week encourages RPG writers to include a flashback, and look into the past of their character, in their writing for that week. Most of us include small flashbacks here and there, and even use them as a way to address tags at times, but this time, we’re asking you to create an entire story within your flashback.

StarBase 118 Ops Wins Excellence in Prolificness

On January 1st, the Ongoing Worlds blog announces it’s winner for the Simulation Cup. The cup is described by it’s creators as “a one-time competition allowing role play games of various clubs and genres to compete against each other in a friendly manner for several awards.” It gives us great pleasure to announce that the crew of Starbase 118 Ops, led by Captain Kali Nicholotti, are among this year’s list of winners.

Alleran Tan: Winner of the July Writing Challenge

Congratulations once again to the writer behind Alleran Tan, who has won the July Writing Challenge with his story “Ethical Considerations”! This is his fourth win, an accomplishment unprecedented in the history of the Writing Challenges! The special monthlong July Challenge required the participants to craft a first-person narrative as part of the site Ongoing Worlds’ “First-Person Fortnight” competition. The Ongoing Worlds contest has also ended but the winners of that contest have not yet been announced.

SciWorld Online Convention 2012

The annual SciWorld Online Convention, also known as SWOC for short, is a yearly soiree spanning mutliple chat rooms set over three consecutive days, so that roleplayers and simmers alike from any organization regardless of rank or affiliation can get together and celebrate the ever-growing world of roleplaying. This year, the role of facilitator and steward goes to a man named Chaz Hammer, A Simming League / Ongoing Worlds Admiral and seasoned veteran. In this special coverage article, we’ll have a chat with him about the convention itself, as well as what it takes to run a world class roleplaying community.

UFOP: StarBase 118 recognized with second lifetime Simming Prize

On March 12, the 2011 winners of the Simming Prize, the highest award issued by the Simming League, were announced, and UFOP: StarBase 118 was recognized “for its exemplary community, which for over 15 years has consistently offered detailed, high quality sims, and a welcoming, friendly gaming environment.” This is the second Simming Prize for our community; UFOP: SB 118 was previously recognized in 2006 for its use of internet technology and was commended for its “rich graphics and useful information, presented in a well organized and streamlined fashion, facilitating easy navigation.” With this second win, UFOP: StarBase 118 joins an elite group of laureates and achieves recognition for the talented and friendly membership that makes it the award-winning organization that it is.

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