SciWorld Online Convention 2012

SciWorld Online Convention 2012

The annual SciWorld Online Convention, also known as SWOC for short, is a yearly soiree spanning mutliple chat rooms set over three consecutive days, so that roleplayers and simmers alike from any organization regardless of rank or affiliation can get together and celebrate the ever-growing world of roleplaying. This year, the role of facilitator and steward goes to a man named Chaz Hammer, A Simming League / Ongoing Worlds Admiral and seasoned veteran. In this special coverage article, we’ll have a chat with him about the convention itself, as well as what it takes to run a world class roleplaying community.
The SciWorld Convention is in its 10th season in providing a place for simmers and gamers alike, or even just fans of the Trek Franchise, a place to gather and meet one another. Originating in 1999, the convention was dreamt up by a simming efficionado named Ender Maki. Admiral Hammer, along with his team, paired up with Mr. Maki and created what would now be known as one of the more successful simming conventions around. The world that they envisioned was a place were simmers from all walks of life could get together and talk about the game, where they’ve been and where they plan to go. it became wildly successful, and has since then seen nine more conventions spanning from ’99 to 2012.
This year’s convention will be sponsored by Ongoing Worlds, which is partner to the Simming League, and hosted by TRCP Alliance chaired by one Renda Carr. All parties involved decided to team up and put on one hell of a simming and chatting melee. It would seem that the powers at be succeeded in creating a “Trek Mecca” for all those who seek it to enjoy. Every group and individual personality involved in creating and managing the convention has had some serious time with simming groups of their own, and are well versed in what it takes to make stellar simming and RPG experiences. Some the tentatively announced sims are brought to you by leadership like Mr. Hammer himself, Charles Star, James D. West and more.
The event is going to be held in three IRC chatrooms on Thrusday, May 10th through Saturday, may 12th. Mr. Hammer advises “…the final schedule is not up yet, but we are going to have our annual Star Trek Jeopardy tournament which is always loads of fun, and several sims that everyone can join in.” If the simming with other people aspect isn’t enough for you, there’s more. Perhaps you’re looking into that next rank, or looking to pilot a sim of your own. Mr Hammer told this writer that “…we’re also going to have discussions about producing fan films, how people have translated simming skills into the real world, as well as workshops on character development and command skills. ” Certainly some worth while discussion that may not directly be related to simming. Just about every topic you can think will be accessible to a prospective convention go-er at the click of a mouse.
Well if you’re looking to meet some of the other fantastic talent out there in the simming community, SciWorld is certainly the place to do it. Let it be known, that the location and times for the chat sessions have still yet to be announced, and this writer will continue to follow up with more information as it presents itself. You shouldn’t miss your chance to see just what else is happening outside the UFOP:SB118 Community in the way of simming, or take your character to the next level with some tips and strategies from the genre’s best. Either way, if you miss this convention, your missing out on quite the show.
For more information on events and history behind the SciWorld Conventions, Click Here!

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