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Lower Decks: LtJG William Tindall

Today on the  Embassy/ Thunder Hotseat is one of the security officers: LtJG William Tindall and Dave the SAR dog!

Welcome Mr. Tindall and Dave!

Thank you, say hello Dave.

Your duties include security, but you are also a SAR with the K-9 Corps. Could you explain your role?

My role with the canine squad is primary search and rescue the dogs are also trained for bomb searches and are used whenever tricoders are not effective. I feel there better than any tricorder.

Lower Decks: Ensign Kaleo O’Kalani

Here again is another edition of Lower Decks, featuring Ensign Kaleo O’Kalani, a budding helmsman aboard the USS Apollo. O’Kalani was assigned to the ship but a few weeks ago, and is already discovering just what sort of business the crew has gotten themselves into. Of Borg and Lies might be a suitable title for that saga, but the ensign seems to be making a name all his own aboard the vessel.

Lower Decks: Ensign Harold Foster

We’ve all heard the names. The names of those who’ve made this community great are plentiful, but there are quite a few other names that we may not hear about day in and day out in the world of UFOP. New recruits, academy graduates and newly commisioned officers are the rising stars that will continue to help the community grow in so many ways. In this column, we’re going to explore some of those names; from the writer all the way down to the character, in order to give you a feel for what the future of the UFOP community may hold. In this edition, we’ll delve into the life of a curious young scientist aboard Starbase 118 in the Operations section: Ensign Harold Foster.

Lower Decks: Lieutenant Skyleena(Sky) Blake

In this installment of the Lower Decks, we are take an in depth look at the character of Skyleena Blake.  The Sky is a hybrid of the Brekkian and Betazoid races.  When ask why she chose the unique pairing, she said “I wanted to express what it would be like to have these two “cool” advantages, yet to have two disadvantages. Because she’s part Brekkian, Sky is unable to control her telepathy, leaving her with horrible headaches because she’s capable of hearing about three quarters of a ship that’s similar to the size of the Ronin. She’s also unable to control her electrical “charge” – during her early months of service, Sky’s anger consistently drove the way  her charge worked; it “powered up” whenever she got angry, and she had to calm down to stop it.”

Lower Decks: Lieutenant (JG) Jaxon Mc Ghee

In the realm of line officers, the ones on the bottom are usually looked at last, yet they are the ones that keep the ship alive. In this segment of Lower Decks we are going to take a look at Lieutenant (JG) Jaxon Mc Ghee, Chief Engineer for the Embassy on Duronis II, and the USS Thunder.

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