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Forums Roundup: August 2014

The summer is almost over and some of us will be heading back to school (or at least helping our younger family members head back to school – YAY!) Regardless of what the fall will promise in your life, it’s sure to mean lots will be happening here on the Starbase 118 forums. Be sure that you stay tuned to see what happens this month, including some of the following.

Looking for some inspiration, or just want to read some really great sims? If so, then head over to the Top Sims forum thread where you can take in some of the best sims from all over the fleet. If you’ve read something magnificent on your ship lately, don’t hesitate to add that sim to the contest as well!

You’ll have until August 25th to submit your entry to the Writing Challenge this round. The topic this time is Fashion, so head on over and add your own creative creation to the running:

The Publicity Team is very important to the health of the Fleet overall – without the hard work this team puts into things, we wouldn’t be able to grow and find new members. And now the team is looking for new members! Head on over to their forum threads to learn more or request membership today!

Everyone plays their role differently, and sometimes you can learn something new from listening to how they do it. Head over to the Duty Post forums today and learn how others are playing the same roles that you are, then share your own insights as well!

Help us make new members feel welcome by saying hello in our special welcome thread here:

And of course, there’s plenty more! Be sure to keep an eye out for much more fun coming this fall!

Forums Roundup: May 2014

It’s hard to believe how fast time is moving. Summer is just around the corner, and everything is getting really busy before break from school and other activities. We know you probably have a lot going on, but We urge you to take a moment and check out the happenings around the Starbase 118 Forums.

A new writing challenge is due soon. There has been some great writing so far this year and we’re looking forward to much more. Throw your entry into the mix by following the guidelines and entering here:

Check out the many guilds that we have here at Starbase 118. There’s something here for everyone, so stop by, say hi, and join up today.

There’s a new column in the community news. Emergency Rations aims to offer writers some neat prompts that help us take the story in new and un-thought-of directions. Check it out and then share how you used the suggestions here:

Have you seen a great sim lately? Be sure to nominate the best of the best to the Top Sims contest here:

And don’t forget, there are always a ton of fun things to do that help the Fleet at the same time. Stop by this thread and learn more about what you can do that involves giving back at the same time!

Even as time speeds by, there are plenty of things to do. While we’re all looking forward to the summer, be sure to take advantage of the happenings going on right now!

Forums Roundup: April 2014

As we get past the overly cold months of the year and finally move into spring, there’s a call for people to be outside. With warmer weather, it’s certainly time to enjoy the blossoms and all of the wonderful scents that flowering bushes and trees add to the world around us. Of course, you’re going to need a break from outside at some point, and that is the perfect time to come inside and check on the forums!

Just like most months, there is plenty happening around the forums this month! Here are a few places to look!

Don’t forget the latest writing challenge is open! You can submit your entry between now and the 25th of April!

Come join the rest of the community and discuss various topics as they relate to Trek. The Poll of the Week is different each week – let your opinion be heard:

Join the conversation on one of the many duty posts around the fleet. Share your thoughts and how you play your character!

Know of a really good sim? Head over to the Top Sims forum threads and submit it there to be recognized by the whole fleet!

And don’t forget to stop in and welcome new members in our welcome thread!

With summer approaching, there’s tons to do. Make sure you still stop by and see us around the forums. There’s always something to do and get into! Until next month, happy simming!

Forums Roundup: February 2014

It’s February, which means that it’s that time of the year again. What time? Writing Improvement time of course! With lots of events planned throughout the month, there’s a lot to get into both on the forums and off. This year, the WIM team decided it would be a good idea to involve the Fleet via the interactivity of the forums, so be sure to take part in this year’s festivities there.

See sim spotlights, ask questions, or learn more about improving your writing by visiting the WIM forum threads:

Want to help bring the fleet up to date technologically? Step in and help one of our own update the wiki so that our technology can match the year we are simming in. For more information, head over here:

There’s a new roster in town – one with images that is automatically generated! Take a look here and consider contacting your CO to take advantage of this new wiki ability:

Don’t forget that the Top Sims contest, the Writing Challenge, and the Featured Bio contest are all still running. Nominate your favorite sim, write something using your newly learned Writing Improvement skills, or share your favorite bio and participate in one of these fleetwide contests:

For those who have recently moved to a new home ship, stay in touch with your old crew on the forums as well:

Of course, as there is every month, there is plenty more where that came from. Be sure to visit the forums and take part in the festivities this month. Until March, we’ll see you around the galaxy!

Forums Roundup: January 2014

Breaking into the new year is easy! 2391 will have just as much, if not more, to offer the members of our community.  As you sit down to make your New Year’s Resolutions, be sure to making visiting the forums one of the items on your list.  There are always great parts of our community out there for you to get involved with.  Most of the time, it just takes a few spare minutes.

See a Sim on your ship that is really well written?  It only take a couple minutes to open a thread and submit it to the Top Sims Contest.  It is a great way to showcase the sims from your ship, and an awesome way to give recognition to your favorite writers.  Be sure to check it out:

The fun does not stop there.  We have an extensive wiki that is used to document…well, everything.  From newly discovered systems, to odd new species the wiki has a ton of information at your fingertips.  If you see a profile for a character that you really like, and you think that it should be featured on the front page, simply head to the Featured Bio Competition and submit it.  It is easy to find, if you know where to look:

If you have ever been told that nobody cares what you think, ignore it!  You can always share your opinion in the Poll of the Week.  Each week Lt. Commander Tracey Townson asks a question that is sure to get your brain working in overdrive.  Swing by and check out what the question is this week.  Then, make sure you check back in every Friday for the new poll:

Quit playing games!  Scratch that, how about starting playing games?  The forums also have a great place for you to participate in many fleet-wide games that have been ongoing for years.  Do not be afraid to dive right in and have a blast.  Got an idea for a new forum game?  Open a new thread and watch the fleet flock to play with you:

With so many cool things to check out in 2014, you will find so much to do on the UFOP: StarBase 118 Forums…that you may have to visit daily!  Make this year the year that you really make your presence known.  Stop by and try your hand in any thread you can find.  And if you cannot find it, start it.

Forums Roundup: December 2013

Can you believe it’s already the end of the year? It seems to have flown by quite quickly, and we now find ourselves in the midst of holiday chaos once again. Of course, that means that there will be plenty going on here on the Starbase 118 Forums as well. From awards to runoff voting, and even a writing challenge, there’s a ton to get into in December! Here’s just a taste:

Keep an eye on the Top Sims forum for the final runoff round poll of the year. The winner of this final poll will be our Top Sim of the year, winning a place in the Fleetwide awards ceremony as well as a new Forums Badge:

The November/December writing challenge ends on December 27th! Get your entries in before that to be considered. Learn more here:

With all ships who participated reporting their Summer Blockbuster missions complete, we want your feedback. What did you like about this year’s blockbuster and how it was set up? What can we do to improve it next year? Let us know, here:

Don’t forget to visit your ship’s forum thread and visit with your crewmates from around the world. This is a great chance to learn something you might not have known about those you write with daily!

And of course there will be more! Keep your eyes on the forums and feel free to jump in when you can. Beyond that, have a happy and safe holiday season, no matter where you are or what you celebrate! See you in 2014!

Forums Roundup: November 2013

With October behind us, we’re steadily closing in on the end of the year. But just because the year is coming to a close doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of things to do and be involved with throughout the Starbase 118 Fleet. On the contrary, as the holidays and the end of the year approaches, there will be even more to get into, so be sure to head over to the forums and see what the latest happenings are today.

Here are a few things to look forward to!

How did your ship do in the Halloween Avatar Costume Contest? See the winners and say congrats in this thread:

Don’t forget to vote in the final runoff round of the Top Sims contest this year. The voting ends December 3rd, so make your voice heard and help select the top sim of the year. All submissions from this day forward will count for the 2014 contest:

Have questions about your duty post? Want to share your take on how to play your posting? Share information with officers from across the fleet in our special duty post forums:

And don’t forget your ships! There are always conversations going on about plots, relationships, or other news, as well as some forums based games that can help you get to know your crew even better:

Finally, if you have a few minutes to spare, there are tons of fleetwide activities that could use you today! Head on over here and see if there is something you might be interested in. With much to do, and most of it only taking a few minutes to accomplish, there is a way you can have a big impact on our fleet:

Remember, there’s plenty more where that came from. We’ll be seeing awards nominations and more soon, so keep your eyes on the forums and our news feed for more. Until next time, see you around the galaxy!

Forums Roundup: October 2013

It’s that time of year again – when some locations around the world are experiencing cooler temperatures and the excitement of the Fall, while others prepare for costumes and the great Hallows Eve. Whatever you are looking forward to in the latter part of this year, or what kinds of things you’re getting involved with, be sure that you take time to stop by the forums and see what’s going on with the 118 Fleet!

Remember, as we wrap up our Summer Blockbuster missions, that the forums are still available to all members of the fleet. Join in the conversation, leave a log entry, or just see what’s going on aboard other ships on the special Summer Blockbuster Threads:

The Sept/Oct writing challenge is open, with the theme ‘What Will Come’. It’s a good time to get started on your entry so that it can be in by the Oct 25th deadline. Learn more on the Writing Challenge forums:

We have a number of guilds and groups to join, depending on your interest. Connect with members of the Fleet on other ships through similar interests and help develop aspects of our Fleet collaboratively. Check out the current list of active Guilds here:

For some of you, this Blockbuster was the first you’ve participated in. For others, it will be your third or forth. Regardless of how many you’ve been a part of, share some insights from your point of view and help us make them better in the future:

Want to have some fun? Join members of the Fleet from all ships in our Games forum and just kick back while connecting with others in the 118 family:

Enjoy your fall festivities and don’t forget to join us at the Simming League Fall Festival this year, hosted by Starbase 118. Stay tuned for more details to come!

Forums Roundup – September 2013

It’s hard to believe that it’s already fall. Some of us are headed back to school, while others are watching their children return for another year. Still others are looking out the window at the changing seasons, wondering where the time ran off too. Just yesterday it seemed as if the year were just starting, but now we’re far past the midway point. But that only means that there are plenty of upcoming activities to get involved with on the forums! Here are just a few of the things that you might be interested in checking out this month:

As the Summer Blockbuster continues, we are all watching the interactive Blockbuster threads for information and intrigue. Join in the fun, or just find out what the other ships are doing, right here:

New members are the lifeblood of the fleet, so make sure to take a moment and stop by the welcome thread to say hello!

Head on over here to wish the newest couple brought together by the 118 fleet a happy future together!

Stop by and read the last batch of Writing Challenge entries, or prepare for the next challenge and enter it yourself!

Have a few extra minutes to help the fleet? There are tons of activities that you can help out with, no matter how much or how little time you have!

And as always, there’s a ton more to see. So take a moment today and swing by the forums to see everything that’s going on!

Forums Roundup – August 2013

It seems like the year is just flying by, leaving us to hold on and hope we can keep everything in order. Sometimes it’s exciting, but sometimes it can be just plain hectic. Hopefully you’re having fun on the ride of life, both for yourself, and your characters. With the Summer Blockbuster upon us, there’s plenty of fun things going on around the forums. This month, we’ll share some of the special Blockbuster related events happening now.

Get a good idea of the mission premise, regardless of which angle your own ship is taking for the Blockbuster. Read Fleet Captain Mar’s intro sim and see what the foundation is that has been designed especially for this year’s events:

Chat with your friends both on your ship, and across the fleet as our crews traverse the unknown together. This OOC thread was created just for fun and to share whatever tidbits you’d like to share throughout the summer and into the fall:

There will probably be a lot going on aboard your ship during the Blockbuster mission, and some of it may affect the mission of another ship. Help bring all of the participating ships together by posting your official departmental reports and sharing updates with the Fleet. You never know who might incorporate these events into their own timelines!

Want to share information that isn’t exactly fitting into your departmental reports? Create a personal log, or an official log entry and share it with the fleet via the Logbook:

And don’t forget, there are always other events going on around the forums too! Stop by the Top Sims contest, or enter one of the writing challenges. Join in our fun and games in the Games forum and have fun with your fleetmates. Finally, don’t forget that your ship has their own forum as well! So don’t be a stranger; join us today and enjoy all that this community has to offer!

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