Forums Roundup – August 2013

Forums Roundup – August 2013

It seems like the year is just flying by, leaving us to hold on and hope we can keep everything in order. Sometimes it’s exciting, but sometimes it can be just plain hectic. Hopefully you’re having fun on the ride of life, both for yourself, and your characters. With the Summer Blockbuster upon us, there’s plenty of fun things going on around the forums. This month, we’ll share some of the special Blockbuster related events happening now.
Get a good idea of the mission premise, regardless of which angle your own ship is taking for the Blockbuster. Read Fleet Captain Mar’s intro sim and see what the foundation is that has been designed especially for this year’s events:
Chat with your friends both on your ship, and across the fleet as our crews traverse the unknown together. This OOC thread was created just for fun and to share whatever tidbits you’d like to share throughout the summer and into the fall:
There will probably be a lot going on aboard your ship during the Blockbuster mission, and some of it may affect the mission of another ship. Help bring all of the participating ships together by posting your official departmental reports and sharing updates with the Fleet. You never know who might incorporate these events into their own timelines!
Want to share information that isn’t exactly fitting into your departmental reports? Create a personal log, or an official log entry and share it with the fleet via the Logbook:
And don’t forget, there are always other events going on around the forums too! Stop by the Top Sims contest, or enter one of the writing challenges. Join in our fun and games in the Games forum and have fun with your fleetmates. Finally, don’t forget that your ship has their own forum as well! So don’t be a stranger; join us today and enjoy all that this community has to offer!

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