Forums Roundup: December 2013

Forums Roundup: December 2013

Can you believe it’s already the end of the year? It seems to have flown by quite quickly, and we now find ourselves in the midst of holiday chaos once again. Of course, that means that there will be plenty going on here on the Starbase 118 Forums as well. From awards to runoff voting, and even a writing challenge, there’s a ton to get into in December! Here’s just a taste:
Keep an eye on the Top Sims forum for the final runoff round poll of the year. The winner of this final poll will be our Top Sim of the year, winning a place in the Fleetwide awards ceremony as well as a new Forums Badge:
The November/December writing challenge ends on December 27th! Get your entries in before that to be considered. Learn more here:
With all ships who participated reporting their Summer Blockbuster missions complete, we want your feedback. What did you like about this year’s blockbuster and how it was set up? What can we do to improve it next year? Let us know, here:
Don’t forget to visit your ship’s forum thread and visit with your crewmates from around the world. This is a great chance to learn something you might not have known about those you write with daily!
And of course there will be more! Keep your eyes on the forums and feel free to jump in when you can. Beyond that, have a happy and safe holiday season, no matter where you are or what you celebrate! See you in 2014!

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