Forums Roundup: April 2014

Forums Roundup: April 2014

As we get past the overly cold months of the year and finally move into spring, there’s a call for people to be outside. With warmer weather, it’s certainly time to enjoy the blossoms and all of the wonderful scents that flowering bushes and trees add to the world around us. Of course, you’re going to need a break from outside at some point, and that is the perfect time to come inside and check on the forums!
Just like most months, there is plenty happening around the forums this month! Here are a few places to look!
Don’t forget the latest writing challenge is open! You can submit your entry between now and the 25th of April!
Come join the rest of the community and discuss various topics as they relate to Trek. The Poll of the Week is different each week – let your opinion be heard:
Join the conversation on one of the many duty posts around the fleet. Share your thoughts and how you play your character!
Know of a really good sim? Head over to the Top Sims forum threads and submit it there to be recognized by the whole fleet!
And don’t forget to stop in and welcome new members in our welcome thread!
With summer approaching, there’s tons to do. Make sure you still stop by and see us around the forums. There’s always something to do and get into! Until next month, happy simming!

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