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Featured Bio Contest Reminder

Please remember to nominate a character bio for round 12 of the Featured Bio Contest before it closes on Monday July 1st, 2013. The bio can be your own character or for another as long as it’s for a player character (PC) or secondary character (2PC).

We’re looking for the highest quality bios in the fleet to not only help provide an example for our members on how to structure their bio, but also to show off how much our members put into the creation of realistic and emotional characters.


Head to the Featured Bio Contest forum to nominate a bio today.

Featured Bio for November 2012 is Commander Karynn Ehlanii Brice

Karynn Ehlanii Brice originally intended on becoming a science officer, following an interest first stirred by her grandparents at the age of three, but during her fourth year at the academy, the Haliian discovered her new passion: counseling. Since graduating in 2384, she has served on three vessels, including the famed USS Ronin and USS Independence, where she served under the command of such esteemed officers as Ben Walker and David Cody. It was through Walker’s wedding that Karynn met her future husband Ethan Brice, and though the two had been fortunate to serve on the same ships during most of their relationship, they now are continuing their marriage long-distance, with Ethan on the USS Apollo and Karynn on the USS Drake. Ironically, having worked her way up to the rank of commander with much of that time spent as a counselor, it is only recently that Karynn has returned to her first love of the sciences, now serving as the Drake‘s chief science officer.

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