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Star Trek and the Coming Year

Star Trek: Discovery is promising to be a fantastic series by approaching the well-established canon and giving everyone a new idea of the world that Gene Roddenberry invented, the truth behind the perceived utopia and what actually happened in the first Federation/Klingon war. Yet some wonder if Star Trek could break new ground but Star Trek: Discovery has proven that it can.

Sexuality, until recently, has been a topic to be – and when it was discussed or shown at all, it was usually between a male and female. While it was also rumored that Seven of Nine, of Star Trek: Voyager, was intended to be a lesbian character, that storyline never materialized. Instead, it was Star Trek: Discovery that created the first openly gay character of the franchise and shown a fully developed character storyline.

With its first season winding down and the series being critically acclaimed, we are pretty much guaranteed another season. With the characters showing true diversity, are we surprised? With talk of a new Star Trek movie directed by Quentin Tarantino, there looks to be a great future for the franchise in 2018.

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Congratulations Commander Raj Blueheart

The Captains Council of UFOP: StarBase 118 is pleased to announce the promotion of Lieutenant Commander Raj Blueheart to the rank of commander. Commander Blueheart serves on the USS Discovery-C as the First Officer to Capt. Tyr Waltas.

Commander Blueheart has been a long-time member of the Discovery, and was previously a counselor before being promoted to First Officer. He has recently distinguished himself in our training Academy, where he’s been highly active and completed a number of successful training groups.

Be sure to offer Commander Blueheart your congratulations, and we wish him the best of luck as he moves forward with his command career!

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March Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

Back at DS-285 for resupply, the crew of the USS Discovery gets some much needed down-time while the crew of the USS Valiant finds a stasis pod on Goma VI, a desolate moon off the main trade routes. The pod, containing an escaped prisoner known only as Zero, is brought on board and investigation leads to a shocking discovery. The pod was not only deliberately left on a dead moon by Captain Tyr Waltas of the USS Discovery but measures were taken to prevent its accidental discovery. The prisoner, who is catatonic, undergoes a medical evaluation. During that evaluation its determined that the prisoner, a shapeshifter, can adapt and change at the cellular level. 

February Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

With the senior officers back on board, the Discovery, backed by the other combat-worthy ships imprisoned in the sphere, engaged Trelane’s fleet of D-7s. At the same time, the source of Trelane’s power was determined and an away team dispatched with instructions to determine whether it was possible to teleport of all of the captured ships out of the sphere and to set a timed explosive to eliminate the device.

It became clear quickly that, while Trelane had superior numbers, he also had problems maintaining and maneuvering his ships in the field. While Trelane’s ships come under fire, the away team beams over to the device. The Asst. Chief Engineer, having figured out the controls, beamed the away team back to the Discovery and then beamed all of the captured ships outside of the sphere. Decoys are setup to cover their escape and Starfleet is contacted regarding a massive relief effort. With the arrival of the relief ships, Discovery was freed to return to DS-285. There has been no sign of Trelane and he is presumed trapped in the sphere.

December Plot Summary For The USS Discovery-C

USS ChallengerThe month of December found Discovery recovering from being pulled into a Dyson Sphere and an attack on a Borg sphere. Discovery crushed the sphere and its one remaining survivor requested asylum.

Shortly after the battle Captain Waltas was dealing with the USS Melbourne whose Captain, Eriksen, had cracked under the pressure of being trapped inside the sphere for the last year and a half. While on the Melbourne Eriksen first tried to convince Waltas to merge the crew of the Melbourne  with the crew on Discovery, with Eriksen taking command of course.

Discovery-C Plot Summary For November

USS ChallengerWith the decommissioning of the U.S.S. Discovery- B, the crew has  transferred to their new ship, the U.S.S. Discovery-C.  The fitting out process begun by Commander Rode Mitchell during the ship’s trip out to DS-285, was quickly completed by the newly transferred crew. Captain Tyr Waltas then took the ship and crew out for a shakedown cruise. But during a full power test of the new ship’s science package, a strange matter steam was detected. The decision was made to follow this stream to it’s source, resulting in the detection of a Dyson’s Sphere.

Discovery-B Plot Summary for September

Ronin Class ShipLife was good on Ba’ku. Captain Tyr Waltas and his first officer (pro tempore) Eden Redstone were finally wed in a romantic ceremony and subsequently serenaded, wined and dined by their celebrating crew.   The crew enjoyed a luxurious end of shore leave and the captain and his new first officer, for the moment serving in the place of Commander Rode Mitchell who was on a temporary leave of absence, relished their honeymoon. The crew returned to the Discovery to find that Lt. Commander Eskyys had gone on temporary leave as well, leaving the newly-promoted Lieutenant Inarr Rogg to rally the ship’s engineers.