February Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

February Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

With the senior officers back on board, the Discovery, backed by the other combat-worthy ships imprisoned in the sphere, engaged Trelane’s fleet of D-7s. At the same time, the source of Trelane’s power was determined and an away team dispatched with instructions to determine whether it was possible to teleport of all of the captured ships out of the sphere and to set a timed explosive to eliminate the device.
It became clear quickly that, while Trelane had superior numbers, he also had problems maintaining and maneuvering his ships in the field. While Trelane’s ships come under fire, the away team beams over to the device. The Asst. Chief Engineer, having figured out the controls, beamed the away team back to the Discovery and then beamed all of the captured ships outside of the sphere. Decoys are setup to cover their escape and Starfleet is contacted regarding a massive relief effort. With the arrival of the relief ships, Discovery was freed to return to DS-285. There has been no sign of Trelane and he is presumed trapped in the sphere.

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