Discovery-B Plot Summary for September

Discovery-B Plot Summary for September

Ronin Class ShipLife was good on Ba’ku. Captain Tyr Waltas and his first officer (pro tempore) Eden Redstone were finally wed in a romantic ceremony and subsequently serenaded, wined and dined by their celebrating crew.   The crew enjoyed a luxurious end of shore leave and the captain and his new first officer, for the moment serving in the place of Commander Rode Mitchell who was on a temporary leave of absence, relished their honeymoon. The crew returned to the Discovery to find that Lt. Commander Eskyys had gone on temporary leave as well, leaving the newly-promoted Lieutenant Inarr Rogg to rally the ship’s engineers.
Sadly, their work was seemingly all for naught, as Lieutenant Paul Sharpe and his staff of advisors discovered evidence of a plot  to bomb the Discovery, a plot which may have tied into nefarious doings in the past. Could these strange incidents have something do with the mysterious arrival of high command officers from Starfleet Intelligence, arriving in secret to oversee the operations of Captain Steve McCall’s Intel department? As the bomb threat became a reality, the sudden and timely arrival of the USS Achilles provided Captain Waltas with the opportunity to evacuate the Discovery-B. Everyone save the Security department, Commander Ghyurn, Lieutenant Rogg and the Captain himself evacuated to the Achilles – as the Security department raced to find the bomber, they proved too late to save the ship from catastrophic damage as a bomb detected by Lieutenant Rogg detonated in the port nacelle pylon, severing it from the ship and trapping Rogg in the icy grip of space. Now the crew races to save him and to save themselves from an unknown bomber who may be in their midst. Can they unravel the web of lies and intrigue spun around them in time to save the Discovery?
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