December Plot Summary For The USS Discovery-C

USS ChallengerThe month of December found Discovery recovering from being pulled into a Dyson Sphere and an attack on a Borg sphere. Discovery crushed the sphere and its one remaining survivor requested asylum.

Shortly after the battle Captain Waltas was dealing with the USS Melbourne whose Captain, Eriksen, had cracked under the pressure of being trapped inside the sphere for the last year and a half. While on the Melbourne Eriksen first tried to convince Waltas to merge the crew of the Melbourne  with the crew on Discovery, with Eriksen taking command of course. Upon hearing Eriksen’s reasoning Waltas was even more enraged by the tactics Eriksen had resorted to, bullying the weaker ships for supplies, he flatly refused to go along with Eriksens plans. Waltas then ordered Eriksen to be confined to quarters. After refusing to being removed from command Eriksen took the away team hostage until Discovery was handed over to him.

After establishing contact, Eriksen ordered Mitchell to hand over Discovery, Mitchell refused the madman’s  orders and Eriksen proceeded to opened fire on Discovery. In a controlled response Discovery crippled Melbourne’s weapons and beamed a second away team over.

Meanwhile Captain McCall led an away team to the Yorktown, a Constitution class with a third-generation crew. As information is gathered, the chance for escape from the sphere grows. Captain Waltas is forming a coalition of ships to attempt to pool their resources and escape.

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